Fantastic cycling along Dutch waterways — LF7 Overland


Fantastic cycling along Dutch waterways — LF7 Overland

Colección de cicloturismo de Sabina Knezevic - Farawayistan



3-5 h

/ día

386 km

870 m

840 m

One of my favourite things is to ride alongside water. Whether it’s along the coast, canals or cycling around lakes, taking the ferry across the big rivers and crossing drawbridges over small streams, there’s simply nothing better. In my coastal Collection, 'Beach, sea and dunes', I take you on the LF Kustroute (komoot.nl/collection/1132606). But away from our lengthy coastline, there are more beautiful watersides to discover. In this overland route, you’ll see the Netherlands from a completely different side: the river and lakeside.

Cycle diagonally through the Netherlands from north to south along the banks of the Uitgeestermeer lake, the rivers Zaan, IJmeer, Amstel, Vecht, as well as the Amsterdam-Rhine and the Merwede canals. In Brabant, you cycle alongside the Dommel river and the Eindhovens Canal. In the final stage, you ride into Belgium along the banks of the river Maas and the Albert Canal .

Of course, Holland and water go hand in hand. On the way, you'll pass our iconic mills, pumping stations, polders, dykes, flood defences and the extraordinary sights of the New Dutch Waterline. You often cycle on high dykes too, giving you a chance to enjoy beautiful views.

With 386 kilometres (240 mi), it is definitely a multi-day cycling adventure. I have divided the route over five stages, with an average of 80 kilometres (50 mi) per day. With an average speed of 17 kilometres per hour (11 mph), you’ll be in the saddle for five hours on each stage. You can, of course, break the routes down to any distance you like.

If you would prefer to take it a bit easier and have more time to see the sights, I recommend you use the accommodation search in the Komoot route planner. Particularly in the high season, it’s worthwhile booking hotels and B&Bs in advance. Most campsites will have a space available for a touring cyclist.

For centuries, the Dutch have had a relationship with water that is unique in the world. Discover it for yourself on your journey from the North Sea near Schoorl to the hills near Maastricht.

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Rutas y Lugares favoritos

  • Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors
    73,1 km
    16,9 km/h
    150 m
    170 m
    Paseo en bici moderado. Se necesita buena forma física. Pistas pavimentadas en su mayoría. La Ruta incluye un traslado en ferri

    The Oeverland Route starts right by the sea, in the dunes near Schoorl. The nearest train station is in Alkmaar, from there it is about 10 kilometers to the start of this multi-day tour. If you have enough time, it is nice to travel to Schoorl the night before. Then you start on time the next morning and you still …

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  • Difícil
    90,0 km
    17,2 km/h
    170 m
    170 m
    Paseo difícil en bici. Se necesita muy buena forma física. Pistas pavimentadas en su mayoría. La Ruta incluye un traslado en ferri

    The second stage of the Oeverland Route is the longest of the five cycling days at 90 kilometers. You cycle from Amsterdam via Utrecht to Leerdam. Those who prefer to take it a little easier (or who have headwinds) can of course divide this stage into two days. My suggestion is to spend the night at the quiet Maarssen after 45 kilometers or at a real fortress just before Utrecht.

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  • Regístrate para descubrir más sitios como este

    Recibe recomendaciones de senderos, montañas y otros sitios increíbles.

  • Difícil
    84,5 km
    16,7 km/h
    160 m
    140 m
    Paseo difícil en bici. Se necesita muy buena forma física. Es posible que tengas que empujar la bici en algunos tramos. La Ruta incluye un traslado en ferri

    Leerdam has been the glass capital of the Netherlands for centuries. You can visit the National Glass Museum or the Glassworks. Now I don't know if it's so convenient to stock up on a glass souvenir here. Soon it will bounce apart in the bicycle bag. If you still want to take a souvenir from Leerdam, I recommend a nice piece of Leerdammer cheese.

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  • Moderada
    76,0 km
    16,5 km/h
    120 m
    110 m
    Paseo en bici moderado. Se necesita buena forma física. Quizá haya tramos de la Ruta sin asfaltar o difíciles para la bici.

    Today you cycle through beautiful nature reserves from North Brabant to Limburg. You leave Eindhoven and cycle along the Eindhoven Canal to Mierlo. From there you cycle through the heath and fens. On the Strabrechtse Heide, the small bushes, fens and shifting sands alternate.The beautiful vast open landscape is almost un-Dutch. What a difference with the busy cities you …

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  • Moderada
    62,4 km
    16,2 km/h
    270 m
    250 m
    Paseo en bici moderado. Se necesita buena forma física. Pistas pavimentadas en su mayoría.

    The fifth stage of the Oeverland Route runs along the Belgian west bank of the Grensmaas. Between Thorn and Maastricht, the river forms a natural border between the Netherlands and Belgium. Nature is allowed to run its course much more freely in this part of the Meuse, since most shipping sails through the Juliana Canal.The river meanders and meanders …

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  • Rutas
  • Distancia
    386 km
  • Duración
    23:04 h
  • Desnivel +
    870 m840 m

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Fantastic cycling along Dutch waterways — LF7 Overland

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