Discovering the pristine nature around Imst

© Imster Bergbahnen / Gerhard Berger

Discovering the pristine nature around Imst

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Imagine waking up in the morning and you can't decide which of the many great things in Imst you want to experience today! As soon as the morning sun tickles your nose, there is a lot to discover for you and your parents. Because there are so many possibilities here, amidst the wonderful Tyrolean mountains.

Numerous playgrounds are waiting for you to romp around - your parents can now make themselves comfortable on one of the many seats, enjoy the sunbeams and watch you from the corners of your eyes.

The Rosengarten Gorge in Imst attracts you magically. The Schinderbach creek from the Blue Grotto digs through the rock over a length of 1.5 km. Alpine plants and animals rise far deeper than their actual distribution due to the special conditions. The humid, cool climate encourages the growth of ferns and mosses, you will encounter unique vegetation.

Many leisure activities, such as painting stones or the exciting nature trails with their animals and plants will make you discover this pristine nature. And of course, the swimming pools and bathing lakes in the Imst holiday region also offer plenty of water fun.

The cosy hotels, guesthouses, inns or campsites are the ideal starting point for you and your parents to make excursions to events. Welcome to the family and holiday region Imst!

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Discovering the pristine nature around Imst