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  • Carola K.

    The Erpetal was formed as a meltwater channel in the Vistula Ice Age around 10,000 years ago. As the last ice age was drawing to a close, the water of the melting glaciers poured from the north into the Berlin glacial valley and created the idyllic valley with the leisurely babbling Erpe.

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    • 9 de agosto de 2020

  • R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour

    Today I was in the Erpetal for the second time, but certainly not the last time: relaxation and tranquility in the middle of the city 👌Psssttt, don't tell anyone.

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    • 16 de noviembre de 2020

  • Lemmi alias Schlumpf

    Green oasis in the urban area, here you can find a balance to the hectic city

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    • 1 de febrero de 2021

  • Jochen Wolf

    Do not leave until 10 o'clock, take the sunrise with you ....

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    • 24 de marzo de 2019

  • Leonie

    19/08/17 At the moment the path along the Erpe is unfortunately closed due to storm and flood damage.
    We wanted to hike north from Friedrichshagen along the river. We then immersed ourselves in the landscape west of the river, which is also very beautiful.

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    • 22 de agosto de 2017

  • Stefan Haschke

    Pure nature and tranquility can be found here.

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    • 27 de octubre de 2019

  • Thomas

    A pleasure in any weather 👍👍👍👍👍

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    • 24 de enero de 2021

  • MR.S

    Along the small gardens you come to the Erpe Auen

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    • 11 de julio de 2019

  • MR.S

    Very nice here and ideal for a walk

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    • 12 de mayo de 2020

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