Kaltenbrunner Tal

Kaltenbrunner Tal

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  • Christoph Sold

    Whether in summer or winter, it is always colder than in the surrounding area. Only a few minutes' drive behind Neustadt an der Weinstraße you can reach a few huts and other destinations in a short time.

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    • 30 de diciembre de 2016

  • Harald

    Worthwhile climb to Heller hut, but also many other trails from here

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    • 16 de febrero de 2017

  • Ralf

    Very nice valley with many attractions

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    • 9 de abril de 2017

  • 1Marianne PWV On Tour

    On damp paths next to the Kaltenbrunnertalbach, but very nice with the babble of the stream

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    • 28 de diciembre de 2017

  • Jochen

    Larger hut at a mini pond. I can't say anything about the stop - we only used the parking lot as the starting and finishing point today.

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    • 11 de julio de 2020

  • Manfred

    The Kaltenbrunnertal hut is located in the middle of the forest, surrounded by enchanting hiking trails, plenty of space for children to play and of course with plenty of parking. From here, the Kaltenbrunnertalbach splashing and winding under many bridges to Neustadt.

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    • 27 de noviembre de 2018

  • detlef schäfer

    very nice way by the stream

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    • 2 de mayo de 2018

  • MB 🍁😎

    The valley is worth a visit. 😊

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    • 10 de febrero de 2019

  • Supermanu

    Nice rest stops and plenty of parking space

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    • 17 de septiembre de 2020


    Beautiful ponds laid out. Good for a rest.

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    • 17 de septiembre de 2020

  • Rolf

    Stopover? or higher starting point.

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    • 11 de octubre de 2020

  • Chris🏝️

    The hiking trails in the Kaltenbrunnertal lead in many directions. One more beautiful than the other. The most beautiful is the hiking path from the Königsmühle to the Kaltenbrunnerhütte, directly along the Kaltenbrunnertalbach.

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    • 2 de febrero de 2021

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Ubicación: Electoral Palatinate, Alemania


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Kaltenbrunner Tal