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  • Söhni 🏃

    Above the Aischgrund near Sterpersdorf, a few kilometers southwest of Höchstadt, rises the Lauberberg. On the hill are the small Antonius chapel and an inn with farm buildings. The square property is surrounded by a stone wall. The small church, in former times a larger pilgrimage church, is dedicated to Saint Anthony. The mystery of the Lauberberg are two grave sites, which are located directly next to the church. A tomb with stone slab and iron fence is said to be the resting place of the legendary seer Sybille Weis. She is said to have lived in a castle at Ailsbach in the 13th century, and she was said to have great powers of vision. She is said to have predicted that once "wenches" would run around in long trousers, iron monsters would roar through the countryside, and wagons would move forward completely without draft animals.

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    • 8 de mayo de 2017

  • WuGI

    The Lauberberg became known for its legends about a noble lady from the 13th century, who was said to have possessed visionary and healing powers. When Sybille Weis - as her name - once used to pray on the Lauberberg, she was oppressed by the devil, but rescued by the invocation of Saint Anthony. Thankfully, she donated a chapel dedicated to the saint.
    This was replaced in 1764 by a large pilgrimage church, which was of course already sold at the beginning of the next century in the wake of secularization and later demolished. All that remained was the confessional chapel, which forms the core of today's Antonius chapel.
    Sybille Weis was (allegedly) buried close to the wall of the chapel. Shortly before her death, she is said to have prophesied that the last day would be near, as soon as her grave had moved away from the wall. (That's it!)
    If you want to visit the chapel and the restaurant on the Lauberberg, you should inform about the opening times

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    • 7 de enero de 2016

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Ubicación: Höchstadt an der Aisch, Erlangen-Höchstadt, Middle Franconia, Baviera, Alemania


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