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  • Explorer

    The Altmühlsee is part of the Franconian Lake District. A variety of sports leisure activities are possible. The infrastructure is very well developed.

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    • 21 de septiembre de 2015

  • Heinz

    Surrounded by a ring dam lake - in the wide valley of the upper Altmühl, northwest of Gunzenhausen - is ideal for swimming, sailing, surfing and enjoying. In the season, the excursion ship "MS Altmühlsee" connects the leisure centers on the shore. For hikers and cyclists there is a flat riverside path that opens up the lake in all its beauty.With the lagoon-like bird island in the northern area of ​​the lake has one of the most important protected areas for migratory birds in Bavaria. Visitors can explore these through an informative nature trail.Source:

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    • 15 de febrero de 2016

  • Thomas E

    The Altmühlsee is not unjustifiably a huge tourist attraction. Both the water sports enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation here many options are offered.

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    • 1 de julio de 2018

  • Andi Te

    Very nice circular walk around the lake.

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    • 10 de julio de 2018

  • Stefan V.

    The Altmühlsee is a wonderful lake that invites you to swim, sail and surf. In the summer season, the excursion boat "MS Altmühlsee" connects the leisure centers on its banks: the Gunzenhausen lake center, the Schlungenhof surf center, the Muhr am See lake center and the Wald lake center.More info / source:

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    • 29 de diciembre de 2019

  • Rombea

    The Altmühl flows around the Altmühlsee. In case of a flood, an introduction of Altmühlwasser takes place in the lake. The Altmühlsee serves as a buffer before the transfer to the Brombachsee. Because of the shallow valley, the lake is surrounded by an annular dam. The water level is thus up to 3 m above the surrounding terrain.

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    • 31 de octubre de 2019

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Ubicación: Gunzenhausen, Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen, Altmühltal, Upper Bavaria, Baviera, Alemania


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