Madritschjoch 3.123 Meter

Madritschjoch 3.123 Meter

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  • Thorsten

    Every mountain biker who moves in the Alps should have ridden or pushed over the Madritschjoch once.

    The Madritschjoch is one of the highest crossings in the Alps. 3,123 meters. Up here you really have to expect everything and find out about the snow and weather situation beforehand. From Sulden you have to conquer 1,200 meters in altitude until you are at the highest point.

    You have to reckon with sliding sections, because on the one hand the air is getting thinner and on the other hand the way is getting steeper. If you have made it to the top, however, you have a magnificent view of the Ortler massif.

    The first 100 meters of altitude on the single trail down into the Martell Valley are quite difficult and many will have to push. After that, the trail becomes easier and you can enjoy the descent at mostly S1 level.

    Two huts offer the opportunity to absorb energy or to spend the night. The Schaubachhütte ( in the driveway and the Zufallhütte ( in the descent.

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    • 2 de mayo de 2016

  • Florian

    With 3123m the Madritschjoch should be for many mountain bikers one of the highest points of their touring career.

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    • 21 de febrero de 2016

  • Olafson

    Hammer hard ... but you forget that when you look around and then into the endless trail drives into it!

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    • 3 de julio de 2016

  • Peaksbear Amanda

    Took our luggage laden gravel bikes - doable but alot of hike-a-bike. Brilliant!

    • 22 de abril de 2020

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Madritschjoch 3.123 Meter