Bahntrassenradweg „Kohlenbahn“

Bahntrassenradweg „Kohlenbahn“

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  • Martin Donat

    This railway line is really idyllic. The cycle path connects the Wuppertaler Nordbahntrasse and Hattingen, where you can reach the RuhrtalRadweg very quickly.

    The route runs through the middle of the green and is really beautiful. It is not paved, but the well-groomed gravel surface is also passable with the road bike, at least when it is dry.

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    • 8 de mayo de 2018

  • Markus

    The cycle path on a railway line connects Hattingen with Wuppertal and leads with slight slope south through the beautiful hilly low mountain landscape of the northern Bergisches Land. During the approx. 20 km distance it even goes through 2 tunnels, of which the tunnel Schee is almost 800 meters long. In Hattingen, you have direct access to the cycling network of the Ruhr and in Wuppertal you can cycle on the Nordbahntrasse once along the whole city.

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    • 24 de mayo de 2016

  • Thomas

    The track is okay, but very narrow and on weekends is therefore to drive with great caution, because Hinz and Kunz frolic there. Continuous, slight gradient, but only occasional beautiful views of the surrounding area. Highlights are the tunnels at the beginning (in Hattingen, Schulenburgtunnel) and at the end (Tunnel Schee).

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    • 14 de junio de 2018

  • DiDo Schropa

    Interesting is the height profile: from Wuppertal it goes with a very gentle slope to the south portal of the Schee tunnel. On a distance of more than 3 km, a height difference of 50 m is overcome, ie 1.5%; to cycle well in the medium-short course. From the north portal of the tunnel to about 250 m above sea level, it then goes on 13 km (except the earlier stations) only with 2% downhill to Hattingen to about 80 m - if you drive around properly, so to speak, a long break. Car-free except for a few road crossings.

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    • 8 de mayo de 2018

  • Frauke

    Nice bike path, but in some places very crowded.

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    • 22 de abril de 2019

  • Andreas Gassner

    A well-developed bike path in the countryside, under stone bridges, along fields, with free-roaming cows and horses, away from busy roads - a treat!

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    • 23 de septiembre de 2019

  • Andreas

    Very nice views, as the tour runs at altitude.

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    • 20 de agosto de 2019

  • Salt Lake Schlichi

    I drive the route almost always uphill, so from Hattingen to Wuppertal or to the confluence of the route to Silschede. She has a slight, slightly demotivating slope, which should not be tackled too fast.
    On the way there are several nice ways to take a break, to drink coffee, to eat cake and more.
    It is part of the tour "From the Ruhr to the Ruhr", which is one of my favorites.
    And it is the first stage of my three-track megatour if you want to start in Hattingen.

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    • 20 de septiembre de 2018

  • Peduli

    Fantastic to drive, although mostly only solid gravel. I am always amazed at how much has been invested in rebuilding the railway and cycle path in the Ruhr area. Even the few road crossings are designed safely. Top!

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    • 28 de abril de 2020

  • Miodrag Knežević

    The coal railway line is located between Hattingen and Wuppertal and is very nice to drive from Wuppertal to the Ruhr with a continuous, slight downhill gradient and you can be in Hattingen very quickly. The other way round, things look a little different, you have to drive the entire route to the Scheetunnel with a slight incline, which is certainly a very good training.

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    • 26 de junio de 2020

  • RidingBull80

    The route leads from attitudes to Wuppertal.

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    • 1 de mayo de 2017

  • Mo

    The track is easy to ride and offers shady spots.

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    • 12 de octubre de 2019

  • Till & Co.

    Really a real highlight in this region! :)

    Traducido porVer original
    • 22 de julio de 2019

  • Gromit

    Great to drive and a great view

    Traducido porVer original
    • 23 de abril de 2020

  • Bogi

    Great bike path between Hattingen and Wuppertal.

    Traducido porVer original
    • 22 de mayo de 2020

  • johnassel

    Very nice bike path over the height with little slope and beautiful views!

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    • 5 de julio de 2020

  • Rieke & Gerald

    A beautiful old railway line! From Hattingen (also far beyond Sprockhövel) it always climbs slightly - but it is still very easy to bike and is fun!

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    • 18 de septiembre de 2020

  • Claudia

    I drove from Wuppertal via the northern railway line to Schee station, then via the coal railway line to Hattingen and finally the Ruhr valley cycle path to Essen. It's always a little downhill :-) A super developed and varied route that is really fun. Just railroad cycling.

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    • 25 de mayo de 2021

  • Hiffo

    I prefer to drive the route downhill.
    From Schee it goes completely downhill to Hattingen

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    • 4 de noviembre de 2020

  • WRS

    beautiful, well-kept natural surface due to varied nature

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    • 8 de noviembre de 2020

  • Werner

    Great route with fine gravel, which is about 20km always slightly uphill; I drive up from Hattingen several times a year to do the tour "from Ruhr to Ruhr".
    Unfortunately the bike always looks gray because of the dust on top :-)

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    • 16 de noviembre de 2020


    Today the coal railway is also known as "Glück-Auf Trasse". It is an ideal connection for cyclists from the Ruhr Valley near Hattingen to Wuppertal.

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    • 16 de noviembre de 2020

  • Goentje 🚲🚶‍♀️🎒📷

    Nice bike route, busy

    Traducido porVer original
    • 7 de noviembre de 2020

  • Gorrth

    Nice tunnel. Better with crosser / gravel tires

    Traducido porVer original
    • 3 de febrero de 2021

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Bahntrassenradweg „Kohlenbahn“