Schloss Friedenstein

Schloss Friedenstein

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  • Wanderkaiser Opilio Martinus I.

    Schloss Friedenstein is Germany's largest early Baroque palace complex.
    Just wonderful.

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    • 27 de septiembre de 2018

  • Mapf

    The Friedenstein Castle in Gotha (Thuringia) is an early Baroque palace complex on the site of Grimmenstein Castle, which was razed in 1567. It is the largest palace building in Germany from the 17th century and today houses a variety of museums and art collections (Wikipedia).

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    • 9 de diciembre de 2018

  • Waldfee13

    For garden lovers, the park of the Orangerie am Schlosspark is recommended

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    • 26 de febrero de 2019

  • manulie

    An impressive palace complex!
    Quote from the foundation: "The worldwide uniqueness of this baroque heritage in Gotha lies in the fact that, in addition to the castle building with its interiors and the remarkable castle park with orangery, all the collections have been preserved in this place for more than 350 years."
    We can only recommend a visit.
    More information at:

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    • 20 de agosto de 2021

  • jannis_outside

    Everyone always talks about Weimar and Eisenach. Gotha is at least as beautiful !!!
    Around the castle you can roam the extensive parks, or visit the very old town! "Visit Gotha"

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    • 25 de noviembre de 2019

  • Anja ex Pago Creichgouue

    As of 08/07/2020: Construction work in the inner courtyard with scaffolding and barriers.

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    • 8 de agosto de 2020

  • BAMA

    Friedenstein Palace in Gotha is considered to be the earliest baroque new palace to be built
    Germany. Shortly before the end of the Thirty Years War, Herzog began
    Seriously the pious with the construction of the imposing complex. All functions of the ducal representation and the
    State administration place. The Ekhof theater is a rarity, its baroque one
    Stage machinery is still used today. (... from information board)

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    • 13 de julio de 2021

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Schloss Friedenstein