Steilküste Aussichtspunkt

Steilküste Aussichtspunkt

Lugar favorito para cicloturismo

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  • OstseeBiking

    The steep coast between Kühlungsborn and Warnemünde is actually suitable for a photo at any point.
    But right here, through the stairs, you have the opportunity to snap a photo from a different perspective.

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    • 30 de noviembre de 2020

  • RadlerJan

    During the GDR era there was an army missile base, information board and wall still in place here.
    Today stairs to the water with steep coast.

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    • 27 de julio de 2020

  • Nancy 😗 🥾🚶‍♀️⛰ 🚴‍♀️

    From Warnemünde, the Baltic Sea Cycle Route leads west over well-navigable forest and cycle paths to Nienhagen - a beautiful Baltic Sea resort known for its unique cliffs, its fine sandy, gently sloping beach and its rustic "ghost forest".

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    • 17 de agosto de 2021

  • ViD

    Top location to take a break with a beautiful view and enjoy

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    • 31 de marzo de 2021

  • Eileen #NatureGirl🥾

    The cliffs are really fantastic. Occasionally there are larger resting points with the possibility to go to the beach.

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    • 25 de agosto de 2021

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Ubicación: Warnemünde, Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Alemania


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Steilküste Aussichtspunkt