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  • Svenster

    From the top you have a nice view over the Tiergarten. Costs 3 euros but that's worth it.

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    • 5 de noviembre de 2018

  • Christoph

    Some say that also Big Star, Berlin also like Goldelse: the Victory Column is in the middle of the zoo, who wants to rest here finds plenty of shady opportunities in the vicinity.

    To the Brandenburg Gate, the road of June 17 runs straight ahead to the Brandenburg Gate.

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    • 27 de septiembre de 2016

  • Craig Taylor

    The Siegesaule is a pretty cool thing to ride past on any ride. Just be weary that tree routes have made the cycleways to and from the tower an absolute catastrophe. Seriously, don't take your hands off the handlebars for a second!

    • 31 de mayo de 2018

  • Anni

    You have to have had that. Although city traffic is to be treated with caution, it is always a highlight

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    • 12 de noviembre de 2018

  • uNick Adventures

    A landmark of Berlin and regularly part of the Critical Mass exits on the last Friday of each month. If you have not been there yet, you should definitely do this, because it is an incomparable experience to drive through the city with thousands of other cyclists and to keep the traffic ... uh to draw attention to one thing :) The highlight is always there the endless (felt) laps around the Victory Column :)

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    • 13 de mayo de 2019

  • Paul

    Classic "must have" for tourists, whether by bike or on foot.

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    • 19 de octubre de 2019

  • Dom

    One of the best places to go if you are cycling - for walking too far from the beaten track and everything - and you are too fast by car to take the underpass in the middle and the To look at the pillar up close.

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    • 9 de noviembre de 2016

  • Rhys

    The Victory Column! It's quite a sight, however, it's also a really busy roundabout so bear that in mind when you're going there. It's a bit out of the city too.

    • 6 de mayo de 2018

  • Svenster

    Definitely take it!

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    • 4 de julio de 2018

  • Stefan

    Always cool in the sunshine ...

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    • 31 de octubre de 2018

  • Niels

    Lots of traffic, but the wheel tracks are okay.

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    • 11 de febrero de 2019

  • J.

    quite nice without the cars

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    • 25 de abril de 2020

  • Samuel Kuhn

    Not only a really nice attraction in Berlin, it also goes very well here.

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    • 18 de junio de 2020

  • Rossi

    Impressive column with the golden else on top. Bicycle lanes okay. Traffic lights annoy something.

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    • 20 de julio de 2020

  • Cornelius

    Highlight for all tourists;) But still nice to look at. There is heavy traffic on the cycle paths all around.

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    • 21 de agosto de 2020

  • Superduperme

    The iconic Siegessäule of Berlin.

    • 23 de agosto de 2020

  • Uli Buxbach

    Victory column somehow stands for one's own victory over the effort of a completed tour and performance.

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    • 20 de diciembre de 2020

  • Holger

    The big star has to be experienced on the bike. Many batty cars, tourists and kamikaze eagles. : D

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    • 15 de mayo de 2018

  • Nils

    You can cycle around once.

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    • 2 de enero de 2021

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