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  • Resi

    During the Weimar Republic - from 1926 to 1933 - the square once bore its current name to document the abolition of the monarchy in this prominent place. With the "seizure of power" by the National Socialists, he was renamed in Königsplatz.

    The last battles of the Second World War took place in downtown Berlin, as a result of which the Reichstag building and the Republic Square in front of it were badly damaged. When the war debris was removed, the bomb and grenade funnels on the square were also filled with ruins. [2] After the National Socialist period ended, in 1948 it was given the republican name again.

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    • 22 de mayo de 2019

  • Paul

    In the Reichstag is the German parliament. The over 80 year old building offers a very, important, history to this.

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    • 14 de julio de 2017

  • Felix

    Class building! You can book tours or just go to the dome. From there almost as much as from the TV tower.

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    • 19 de agosto de 2018

  • Jojo

    If you do not have to wait too long, definitely worth a visit from the Reichstag.

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    • 17 de diciembre de 2018

  • Uwe.Reiter

    our old-minded parliament, already impressive

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    • 13 de septiembre de 2017

  • Tom Spandau

    A historic place and still a place where history is written.

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    • 28 de junio de 2018

  • Sil Mo

    ... many people just come here to relax, that's what it's all about :-)

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    • 24 de agosto de 2016

  • Theresa

    Film and light projection in Parliament district.

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    • 1 de agosto de 2018

  • HamiHH

    A jewel in the otherwise modern government district.

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    • 31 de agosto de 2018

  • Pedalix

    The visit of the dome is recommended. In the summer but should be scheduled some time.

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    • 13 de mayo de 2019

  • Dieter

    Along the shipping canal from Spandau to Berlin-Mitte you can get almost to the city center by bike on an excellent bike path.

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    • 23 de marzo de 2020

  • Fred

    A nice tour to Wannsee and back well without engine to cope well

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    • 18 de octubre de 2018

  • Matthias

    Even in the evening, the entire area in the government district can be explored on foot or by bike.

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    • 21 de agosto de 2020

  • Veronika 2020

    Everything has been said about the history - if you have enough time, you should definitely plan a visit

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    • 10 de noviembre de 2020

  • MW aus LE

    Built in the Tiergarten district by Paul Wallot in the neo-Renaissance style from 1884 to 1894, the building on the left bank of the Spree housed both the Reichstag of the German Empire and the Reichstag of the Weimar Republic. After severe damage from the Reichstag fire in 1933 and in World War II, the building was restored in a modernized form in the 1960s and fundamentally redesigned from 1991 to 1999. ... In the Second World War, the building with bricked-up windows served as an air-raid shelter. AEG produced electron tubes there, a hospital was set up and the gynecological ward of the nearby Charité was moved here - a few hundred Berliners were born in the Reichstag building. ... During the division of Berlin, the Reichstag building was in the British sector. The Berlin Wall ran directly on the east side of the building. The "lonely, shot Reichstag" became a symbol - as a "sandstone colossus in the no man's land between the hostile world systems"

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    • 10 de septiembre de 2017

  • Svenster

    Nice, you can take it with you. :)

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    • 5 de julio de 2018

  • Pablos (radicity)

    Check out the DPG behind it. It is the old Reichstag dining rooms

    • 26 de enero de 2020


    Back to our Roots

    • 19 de septiembre de 2020

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