Wasserfälle im Sarotlatal

Wasserfälle im Sarotlatal

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    From the parking lot in Brand you go along a driveway, at a signpost turn right onto a footpath. Good shoes are only recommended!
    Small bridges and footbridges lead over the water, along the path there are also quite photogenic flora.
    About half way, a beautiful square with a bench and large boulders invites for the first break. After that, the stony path usually leads steeply upwards and you hardly walk in the forest anymore. In the sun you can start to sweat!
    My highlights are thunderous waterfalls, a magnificent view towards Walgau (transmitting tower Dünserberg) and the surrounding mountains. Very attentive hikers may also discover the hand of stone or the stone man on the way.
    Some bends are then still overcome until you finally have the goal - the Sarotlahütte - in mind. There is of course returned, the landlord and staff are very friendly and the food tastes excellent!
    Definitely after the rest, explore the surrounding area! Above the hut on a plateau are huge rocks that you can climb up to and make yourself comfortable up there.Our walk took including breaks about 3 1/2 hours.

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    • 4 de septiembre de 2016

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Wasserfälle im Sarotlatal