Fakir Trail

Fakir Trail

Lugar favorito para MTB (Tramo)

Creado por usuarios de komoot
Recomendado por 80 riders de 81


  • Ingo

    I'm through there with the E-. It's fun and goes both ways.

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    • 26 de noviembre de 2018

  • Atilla

    Great section. Flat but many good mobile curves.

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    • 10 de marzo de 2018

  • Edwin Ball

    Very great trail seems to be created. Better with long pants because Brennesselnabschnitte are in it.

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    • 3 de julio de 2018

  • Ralf S.

    Very beautiful and long. Please take care of the tree jump. Looks smaller than he is. But just makes mega fun. Who does not dare the first time, quietly back again.

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    • 4 de noviembre de 2018

  • Ralf S.

    Depending on the season take the thing with the long pants seriously 😖

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    • 4 de noviembre de 2018

  • Edwin Ball

    Unfortunately at the moment, as with many other trails by tree felling completely blocked by trees, etc.

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    • 9 de mayo de 2019

  • Julian

    Now passable again.
    There are a lot of cool variations in the last section.

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    • 22 de agosto de 2019

  • Steffen Harpeng

    Tree trunk jump. Therefore only recommended driving direction from Braunenberg

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    • Hace 7 días

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Ubicación: Aalen, Ostalbkreis, Stuttgart District, Baden-Württemberg, Alemania


  • Distancia560 m
  • Ascenso20 m
  • Descenso10 m

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Fakir Trail