Bunkercomplex Fiemel

Bunkercomplex Fiemel

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  • Robin Patijn - Farawayistan

    The bunker complex Fiemel consists of several bunkers built by the Germans during the Second World War. It is one of the last remains from WWII in the province of Groningen.

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    • 17 de diciembre de 2020

  • E-Biker

    Highlight am Deichweg Dallingeweersterweg.

    • 24 de septiembre de 2020

  • Harbard van Embden

    Anyone who has set out to visit the "Punt van Reide" should take a look at the Fiemel bunker.
    During the Second World War, the German occupiers built a number of bunkers near Fiemel. These were part of the Atlantic Wall and also served to defend the city of Emden, which is located opposite Fiemel at the Eems estuary. During the liberation of this part of the province of Groningen, heavy resistance was offered by these bunkers. The neighboring Nieuwolda was badly damaged. Some of the bunkers have been preserved.

    Originally Fiemel was a hill village that was called Fimelon around the year 1000. The name can be related to Fivel and means "sea monster". In 1441 the village is listed as Fijmolen and in 1445 as Fimela. Here the river Fiemel Ae (Ffimell Ee, Fymele Ae, Fijmelinger Æ, Finser Ae) flows into the sea, which sprouted in the high moor between Oostwold and Finsterwolde. The estuary was dammed as early as 1400, which led to flooding in the Munter Ae basin. This river also formed the border between the two landscapes Oldambt and Reiderland. According to Johan Rengers of Ten Post, Fimelinge unde had no other village, every 7 or 8 men had weeds and they were big, clean villages. These villages must have drowned around 1500. The village also had its own courtyard until the middle of the 15th century. Around 1520 Fiemel and Fiemelerhamrik were still around 780 grasses (330 hectares). Shortly thereafter, a summer dike was built in the direction of Woldendorp (Dallingeweererdijk), which was later expanded into a sea dike, so that the area around the Punt van Reide was outside the dykes and was largely lost.

    You can also find more information on Wikipedia.

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    • 25 de julio de 2020

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Bunkercomplex Fiemel