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  • Clemens ☀️

    Pleasant than the main road, especially uphill

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    • 3 de abril de 2017

  • Daniel

    Fischerstube very tasty and fair prices

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    • 5 de septiembre de 2020

  • Albrecht

    The cycle route is the uppermost part of the Murgtalradweg, which connects Baiersbronn with Freudenstadt and follows the Forbach, which rises at the Kniebis and flows into the Murg in Baiersbronn. The incline is very moderate throughout, only the last 500m to Freudenstatdt are tough. The uphill ramp is brutal and can only be mastered by well-trained cyclists. If you drive this ramp downhill, you should be sure that your brakes are in good condition! You can also bypass this ramp by cycling through Christophstal and finally after a beautiful cobblestone route on the B28, which you can then follow to Freudenstadt. The route lengthens not inconsiderably, but the altitude difference is spread out.The valley has a lot to offer in terms of geography and history. Mining in the Christophtsal was the basis on which Duke Friedrich built when he had his new "Freudenstadt" residence built here in the middle of his Württemberg region, which at that time reached far into the Burgundian gate in the south (Friedrich was in Mömpelgard, today Montbélliard born). At the end of the 16th century, iron and silver ore was built here and at the beginning the mining was profitable enough to finance the construction of the city of Freudenstadt, which still today has the largest market square in Germany.Later, after Friedrich's death, mining was far less profitable and the castle that was supposed to decorate the market square was never built. Nevertheless, the first industrial settlements in the Forbach Valley in Christophstal, which belongs to Freudenstadt and Friedrichstal, which belongs to Baiersbronn, are closely linked to mining. Even today, SHW Friedrichstal still produce high-quality pickaxes, shovels, spades and all sorts of other tools here, even if the steel is no longer produced on site but is delivered as a raw material.

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    • 1 de abril de 2020

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Ubicación: Baiersbronn, Freudenstadt, Karlsruhe District, Baden-Württemberg, Alemania


  • Distancia5,40 km
  • Ascenso0 m
  • Descenso130 m

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