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  • manulie

    The “Wolkenhain” lookout tower is an interesting steel node construction. From here you have (with good visibility) a crazy view of the “Gardens of the World” and Berlin.

    The lookout tower is free of charge and has an elevator in addition to the stairs. The platform is barrier-free.

    Further information: Plattform-wolkenhain-bleibt-bestehen/

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    • 25 de noviembre de 2018

  • Daragia

    Great view over the city - but not for people with vertigo ...

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    • 20 de mayo de 2017

  • Radwanderer

    Through the stairs you can look down (fine grid as floor), but the top track is solid and who likes can use the lift instead of the stairs ...

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    • 15 de julio de 2017

  • Holger - Berlin

    Great view over the city and the surrounding area

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    • 16 de septiembre de 2018

  • Mapf

    For those who do not run up, the ride ends here. And on the Wolkenhain there is even an elevator 😉 ...

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    • 30 de septiembre de 2018

  • Wolfgang

    Especially in the morning after opening you still have a lot of peace and can enjoy!

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    • 29 de junio de 2018

  • peacemaker_fx

    astonishingly wide view over Berlin. Costs no entry.
    Down the lookout tower is a snack bar. A large Pils for 4.90 € (Sept. 2018) I found there not particularly favorable.

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    • 17 de septiembre de 2018

  • Mapf

    A grandiose panoramic view, you have from up here. About Berlin and far into Brandenburg ...

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    • 30 de septiembre de 2018

  • JTH

    The cloud grove is modeled on a floating cloud that is accessible. From here there is a fantastic view from a height of 120 meters of both the center of Berlin and the Brandenburg cultural landscape. In the base of the building there is a building with a restaurant.

    The spectacular construction consists of approx. 170 steel knots that hold the struts of the cloud together. The cloud, consisting of a translucent membrane, rests at a height of around 25 meters on slender steel supports that are arranged irregularly, like the trunks in a tree grove.


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    • 22 de julio de 2020

  • Atzenjan

    The Kienberg was landscaped in the context of the International Garden Exhibition 2017 and provided with Wolkenhein and cable car. Great view of renovated DDR-Plattenbauten ...

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    • 1 de junio de 2019

  • B__24

    Great construction right on the bis Biesdorfer Höhe.
    After about 439 steps you have a really nice view over Marzahn.

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    • 24 de octubre de 2020

  • Philipp Marlow

    Toboggan run is simply times top

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    • 12 de mayo de 2019

  • Daggy☀️🌻🚶🏼‍♀️

    You have a wide view of the Selva di Val Gardena.

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    • 2 de mayo de 2021

  • Lemmi alias Schlumpf

    The only summit in Berlin (102 m) that can also be conquered by cable car

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    • 4 de junio de 2021

  • Ded Moros

    Cable car at Gardens of the World in Berlin

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    • 1 de noviembre de 2020

  • Joghurtprinzessin🏊‍♀️🚵‍♀️🏃‍♀️

    Great view over the city.

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    • 2 de mayo de 2021

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