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  • Anne FFB

    Nice large chapel opposite the memorial cross.

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    • 24 de febrero de 2021

  • Klaus

    A church is referred to as a votive church (votive from Latin votum = vowed sacrifice, vow), which was built as a sign of thanks for being saved from an emergency or with the request for the fulfillment of a certain wish, sometimes also for atonement. Often, the builder has previously made a vow to have the church built in the event that prayer is answered (assumption of the building load). The votive churches also include so-called thank-you churches.

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    • 17 de agosto de 2017

  • Reparl

    About 10 years after the death of King Ludwig II, this votive chapel was built to commemorate the death, a cross is located at the point in Lake Starnberg, where King Ludwig II should have drowned ....

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    • 7 de marzo de 2019

  • Outdoorschwoaba (📍TÜ 🇩🇪)

    Chapel directly on the lake

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    • 6 de diciembre de 2020

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Ubicación: Starnberg Five-Lake-Region, Starnberg, Upper Bavaria, Baviera, Alemania


  • Altitud650 m

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