Val Fegana fino all' ex-Rifugio Casentini

Val Fegana fino all' ex-Rifugio Casentini

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    Val Fegana is located in the Municipality of Bagni di Lucca in the province of Lucca; nearby there is the Orrido of Botri, a fascinating natural protected area.
    Val Fegana is a little valley that has only 69 residents and follows the Fegana creek. It starts at height of about 120 m and continues uninterruptedly for over 20 km up to the former Rifugio Casentini (a stone hut at 1200 m).
    The road, that is shaded by chestnut trees and coniferous trees and offers beautiful views of the mountains, is paved, but in the last few kilometres the road surface is very ruined.
    After the fo Rifugio Casentinirmer it continues on a dirt road for almost 2 km to the new Rifugio Casentini (1400 m.)

    • 1 de junio de 2017

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Ubicación: Lucca, la Toscana, Italia


  • Distancia22,0 km
  • Ascenso0 m
  • Descenso1.130 m

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Val Fegana fino all' ex-Rifugio Casentini