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  • Pascal Fürst

    Quite a technical trail, which is decorated with a variety of stone elements. Here and there there are also different options to ride the trail (e.g. right at the beginning).Towards the end of the trail there is a stone element (also clearly visible in the pictures), which is best to take a look at first, as it can be quite narrow and a bit wobbly (the stones are loosely placed on top of each other) and the next tree already waiting ;-). However, you can also do that with brake control (although I have not yet managed to successfully combine this and the next stone element).
    But there are also different ways to bypass it.

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    • 29 de marzo de 2021

  • Thorti

    very nice but a bit difficult trail! is separated again in red and black in between, I found the red part quite demanding. Partly very stony. Just approach slowly, then it is feasible.

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    • 15 de mayo de 2021

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Ubicación: Großheubach, Miltenberg, Lower Franconia, Baviera, Alemania


  • Altitud430 m

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