Avon Beach: 100m Trash Survey Zone

Avon Beach: 100m Trash Survey Zone

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  • Trash Free Trails

    This is one of the worst spots for trash offenders. A lovely beach on the Avon gorge sadly badly affected by rubbish and stuff left behind by the tides. How you can help? Collect trash along this 100m segment and let us know what you found. Check out more here

    • 18 de marzo de 2021

  • Trash Free Trails

    2021 will see us begin our scientific surveying and monitoring of single-use pollution (aka; litter!) in trail locations across the UK and we'd like to have a bit of a practice on the 29th.
    Avon Gorge 'beach'* collects truly mind-blowing amounts of SUP (it's possible to collect 1000s of recyclable plastic bottles here!). So we've created this 100m segment to see if, together, we can; REMOVE > RECORD > RECYCLE every item within this 100m piece of nature :)
    How to take part in 5 SIMPLE STEPS*:
    REMOVE - As much SUP as you can between points A and B (using the towpath and 10m from the sloping river banks as your side boundaries).
    RECORD - the following; a) Total number of items removed. b) Numbers of each material type and product category (e.g. Plastic water bottle. c) The numbers of the TOP 3 most found brands (e.g. Coke, Lucozade, Cadburys).
    RECYCLE - Head to / hunt out the nearest recycling point and put as much back into the circular economy as you can!
    REPORT - Using this comment section and / or your social media; post your recorded data along with a photo or two and some personal thoughts and tag us in @trashfreetrails.
    REWARD - Go and razz round the pump track, grab some fridge cake from Southville Deli or even have a beer or two in Brandon Hill park! You've earned it :)
    *STAY SAFE - DO NOT go anywhere near the sloping banks of the river! There's plenty of SUP on the safe flat bit.

    • 22 de marzo de 2021

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Ubicación: Long Ashton, el sudoeste de Inglaterra, Inglaterra, Reino Unido


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Avon Beach: 100m Trash Survey Zone

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