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  • Christian

    It is the site of one of the largest and oldest fortifications from the Neolithic and some burial mounds. In addition, it is part of the since 1961 existing and approximately 52 ha comprehensive, nature reserve of the same name.The Dölauer Heide is located in the northwest of the city of Halle (Saale) and is with about 740 ha the largest conservation area in the vicinity. In this city forest lies the so-called Bischofswiese, a high plateau between Black Mountain (135 m) and Langem Berg. The area was given its name because it was for a long time in the possession of the Magdeburg archbishopric.On the plateau there is a fortification system with palisades, ramparts, gateways and a trench system consisting of flat terrain sections with up to six trenches staggered one behind the other. The area of ​​the fortification system amounts to about 25 ha, making it one of the largest of its kind. 35 Neolithic burial mounds from the Schnorkkeramik and Trichterbücherkultur (TBK) were found in the vicinity of the plant, some of which (eg 28) were excavated. These are partly stone boxes. An ornate stone box is in the Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte (Halle). The fortifications were built around 3600 BC Built by the bearers of Baalberg culture. Another prehistoric use of the plateau, especially the northern area (Langer Berg), in the period between 3100 and 2800 BC. BC (Bernburg culture). Today some signs point to the respective archaeological monuments.

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    • 25 de agosto de 2017

  • Peter Michael

    A bit of nature not yet "maintained" by the harvester!

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    • 22 de abril de 2020

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Ubicación: Saxony-Anhalt, Alemania


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