Watertoren Stadskanaal

Watertoren Stadskanaal

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    The Stadskanaal water tower was designed by architect H.F. Mertens and built in 1935.The tower has a height of 42.76 meters and the base is at +7.10 NAP. The tower has a water reservoir with a volume of 900 m³. The tower consists of 566,000 bricks and 625 m² of concrete.The technical construction is from the Waprog and the external design was designed by ir. H.F. Mertens, who gave the water tower an appearance in the style of the Amsterdam School, in which red bricks predominate. Mertens also designed the water towers in Bilthoven (1926) and Soest (1926). He based his designs on work from 1912 by Michel de Klerk. The tower is very similar to the water tower of Oude Pekela (1938), which is also designed by him.The reason for the construction of a water tower in Stadskanaal was that the drinking water came from the much lower situated Onnen and that a long pipe was needed for this. In addition, the water would have to be pumped further to Ter Apel and Musselkanaal. The construction of the tower meant that fewer powerful pumps were required, the pipes could be less thick and differences in water consumption could be absorbed with the help of the trough at the top of the tower. After a few decades, the tower became obsolete. In 1993 the tower was placed on the list of municipal monuments and in 1994 the municipality of Stadskanaal became the owner of the tower. Since 2005, both the adjacent Huize Ter Marse and the water tower of Stadskanaal have been recognized as national monuments.The tower was used as a watchtower with 208 steps. In good weather, the Martini Tower and the Gasuniegebouw in Groningen can be seen from the lookout tower. The water tower was sold to private individuals in

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Ubicación: Stadskanaal, Groningen, los Países Bajos


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Watertoren Stadskanaal