Freudenstadt Marktplatz

Freudenstadt Marktplatz

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  • Tussi Deluxe

    the market square is NOT the one with the fountains, but is on the other side of the street, but in the immediate vicinity.

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    • 12 de agosto de 2020

  • iCycle

    Very generous market place with big fountains and lawns.

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    • 26 de septiembre de 2017

  • Stephane Aubert 🇨🇵

    Freudenstadt Marktplatz is almost square with a size of 216✖️219 meters 🔲.

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    • 17 de diciembre de 2020

  • Pro-cyCL

    A great place to stop in and relax at the fountains' water feature.

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    • 19 de diciembre de 2018

  • Jürgen

    Historical atmosphere, beautifully located.

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    • 7 de junio de 2020

  • Albrecht

    Mining in Christophtsal was the foundation on which Duke Friedrich built when he had his new residence "Freudenstadt" built here in the geographical center of his Württemberg region, which at that time extended far into the Burgundian gate in the south. Friedrich was born in Mömpelgard, today's Montbélliard, and the fish in Freudenstadt's coat of arms, the Mömpelgarder bream, still speak of this. At the end of the 16th century, iron and silver ore were built down in the Christophstal valley, and at the beginning mining was profitable enough to finance the construction of the town of Freudenstadt, which is located on a high plateau. The heart of the city was this market square, which is still the largest market square in Germany today. Friedrich wanted to build his residence, a magnificent palace, in the center of the market square. But it did not get to that. On the one hand, because Friedrich died before the first groundbreaking ceremony for the palace, on the other hand, because after his death the mining industry was far less profitable and the financial means to build the palace were lacking.
    In addition to its size, what is remarkable about the market square is the special layout of this square place, the houses are arranged in rows around this place like in a mill game, which immediately catches the eye in the city map and on aerial photos. The town church is also special, the tower of which is in one of the corners of the market square and where the two naves meet at right angles. It is the only church I know that was built around the corner.
    The police are now housed in the old town hall, the Schickhardt building, named after Friedrich's master builder. The new town hall, located in the opposite corner of the town church, goes back to Ludwig Schweizer, who rebuilt the town after its destruction in the Second World War, and from its tower offers a beautiful overview of the market square.

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    • 4 de abril de 2020

  • Pro-cyCL

    @Tussi Deluxe
    The market square is down with the fountains! Spreading false information without knowledge is simply wrong ...
    Freudensatdt has Germany's largest marketplace. The largest open space, where markets also take place, is the upper market square at the town hall. This then extends to the lower market square with the bus parking spaces, Fäntänen and over to the Evangelical Church. The remaining 25% of the market place is animated by further restaurants and shops, as well as the watercourse.
    This is Freudenstadt's marketplace =)

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    • 12 de octubre de 2020

  • Mi.ri.

    The largest market square in Germany, the striking town church or the Friedrichsturm with its fantastic view over the city: Freudenstadt is worth seeing and experiencing.

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    • 31 de agosto de 2020

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Freudenstadt Marktplatz