Fischtreppe Obermaubach

Fischtreppe Obermaubach

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  • Mike 🇪🇺

    Just under EUR 1.7 million is earmarked for this measure, which will be carried out in late spring / summer 2007 by the Wasserverband Eifel-Rur (WVER) at the same time as other construction work on dam safety.
    What does the municipality of Kreuzau have, what do the neighboring municipalities of this million project for "migratory fish" have?
    What is the benefit of the continuity of the Obermaubach dam?
    "Migratory fish" are fish species whose spawning and food areas do not coincide spatially. The best known migratory fish is salmon. In addition to salmon, migratory fish species in the so-called "grayling region", which includes the Rur in our area, include sea trout, eel and river and sea lamprey, which are particularly protected due to inadequately protected hydroelectric power plants and the technical development of the Rur are at risk.
    Highly recommended is the glass window through which one can look at the wandering fish. This is located below the kiosk.
    Especially for kids highly recommended.

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    • 31 de octubre de 2017

  • Gerda P

    Beautiful landscaped fish ladder at the reservoir Obermaubach

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    • 9 de septiembre de 2019

  • Swen Niederhöfer

    Strepp am See, good food and friendly service

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    • 25 de febrero de 2019

  • Karl-Heinz

    With luck you can see salmon swim freely here

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    • 2 de octubre de 2019

  • R.Bungartz

    The approximately 280-meter-long artificial river course next to the Rur is intended to enable migratory fish such as salmon to reach spawning and juvenile areas in the Kall.

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    • 12 de septiembre de 2020

  • AdiGStar

    Nice view of the chapel and nice snack to fortify yourself

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    • 13 de marzo de 2021

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Ubicación: Kreuzau, Düren, Cologne District, North Rhine-Westphalia, Alemania


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Fischtreppe Obermaubach