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  • Doris S.

    Great flat beach. When and flood flooded and even at low tide can still be flooded wide areas.

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    • 29 de diciembre de 2017

  • Christian

    View to Sylter elbow 4 km away

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    • 24 de septiembre de 2018

  • Frank Niemeyer

    If you see this vast sandy area for the first time, it reminds a bit of the big salt lakes in the USA thanks to its very large expanse. At least that was my first impression. It is hardly possible with the naked eye to make out the end of this huge area. Even after miles of march on the east side, the sight changes only very slowly.The beach (if you can call it that) is as flat as a pancake and is used for a variety of sports such as beach sailing.

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    • 11 de mayo de 2019

  • eyekon

    Great beach but the water quality was subterranean when we visited. Garbage and algae everywhere.

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    • 17 de agosto de 2020

  • TF1608

    Man - endless expanses .. :)
    There is little danger of not finding a place for your towel, but it may take a while to get to the water.

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    • 13 de abril de 2020

  • JR56

    The view over the phenomenal Sønderstrand is simply fantastic. From here you can also watch the Sylt ferry.

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    • 22 de diciembre de 2018

  • Frauke

    Great sandy beach with a view of Sylt and the ferry traffic there.

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    • 4 de octubre de 2020

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