Salita Monte Impiso!!!!!

Salita Monte Impiso!!!!!

Lugar favorito para bici de carretera (Tramo)

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  • Cristian

    The ascent of Monte Impiso is very beautiful and also tough ... it is an 11km long climb. with an average gradient of almost 9% and sections with peaks of 15% -
    Monte Pollino from Colle dell'Impiso
    For the days spent in the Pollino National Park we have chosen Mezzana Salice, a hamlet of San Severino Lucano. It is an ideal accommodation, it is located in the heart of the protected area and is very close to the starting points of the excursions we have planned. It is from the village of Mezzana Salice that we go to Colle dell’Impiso (1578 m) to climb our first two thousand: Mount Pollino. Leaving the car, we take the slightly uphill dirt road, but it is only for a few meters. After a while, in fact, at the signs describing the itinerary, keep to the right on the path to Colle Gaudolino (be careful not to take the more right paths that go up towards the Serra del Prete). The times indicated by the signs will prove to be much longer than what is actually necessary for our progress and this will also apply to almost all the other itineraries in the Park. THE MOUNTAIN IS LOCATED IN THE POLLINO NATIONAL PARK ON THE BORDER BETWEEN BASILICATA AND CALABRIA.
    I was not very convinced of this itinerary, but when I reached the top, it was a surprise: the view is wonderful, ranging from the mountain ranges of the Lucanian Apennines to the Sila, from the Ionian tides to the Tyrrhenian.
    Too bad that the signage is completely missing.
    The Impiso Pass is marked by a white writing on a stone and there are never signs for Monte Pollino or Serra Dolcedorme which can be reached by following a good part of this itinerary.

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    • 16 de agosto de 2021

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  • Difícil
    85,6 km
    16,5 km/h
    2.080 m
    2.080 m
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Ubicación: Rotonda, Potenza, Basilicata, Italia


  • Distancia10,9 km
  • Ascenso1.220 m
  • Descenso160 m

Predicción del tiempo - Rotonda


Salita Monte Impiso!!!!!

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