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  • Doris S.

    The island of Rømø was occupied in 1940 by the German Wehrmacht.
    On the Stagebjerg was a radar station during World War II and buried under the sand is still a bunker.

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    • 2 de enero de 2018

  • Lille and Me 🐾👣

    With 18 m not exactly a mountain of views par excellence but still offers a great view of the Vråby plantation and the surrounding dunes and heath.

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    • 15 de septiembre de 2018

  • JR56

    With a height of 18 meters the Stagebjerg is slightly lower than the Hoestbjerg. and thus the second highest hill of the island Rømø. It can be found in the Vraby Plantation on Stagebjergvej, an unpaved but also accessible by car forest road. From there, a signposted path (car can be parked there at the junction) branches off to the "mountain" and in a few minutes you are on the top, from which you have great views.

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    • 22 de diciembre de 2018

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