Monte Scorluzzo

Monte Scorluzzo

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  • Hentschel

    Quickly reached from the Stelvio Pass. Very nice panoramic view. The historic defenses from World War I bring variety on the very nice ridge path.
    The summit cross is currently "just rum".

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    • 18 de julio de 2019

  • Roberto Pasolini

    The Monte Scorluzzo is an imposing peak that is located at SW of the Stelvio Pass. The summit can also be reached from the pass, the difference in height is about 340 m but the route is elementary and without interest, so it is advisable to go up to the Motone del Mot, very scenic, where there are still remains of significant military settlements. In fact, the story of the scuffling during the Great War is important: at the beginning of the hostilities the peak was quickly occupied by the Austro-Hungarian troops, to defend the underlying Stelvio Pass. The Italians, who did not quickly realize its strategic importance, had to content themselves with presiding, until the end of the war, the Rese di Scorluzzo (crest NW) and the Motone del Mot (crest SSW), where a military village was built. Along the ridge are also trenches, stalking, reduced, tunnels and remains of buildings still well preserved.

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    • 11 de enero de 2018

  • Natan Cornaggia

    Beautiful view of the Stelvio pass and the surrounding glaciers

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    • 16 de agosto de 2020

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    240 m
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Ubicación: Sondrio, Lombardy, Italia


  • Altitud3.100 m

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Monte Scorluzzo