Stadtpark Rheinberg

Stadtpark Rheinberg

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  • Winnie

    The Rheinberger city park looks quite small at the entrance, but is actually quite large and accessible by bicycle. Originally designed as a landscaped park, dominate in the front of large meadows and flowerbeds. In the rear area, the park is almost forest-like. You can explore several kilometers of paths, relax at two ponds, contemplate the strange Spanish Vallan or visit the Underberg outdoor pool, which is one of the most beautiful outdoor pools on the Lower Rhine.

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    • 23 de mayo de 2018

  • Diddi_Blaich

    If you just want to run through a park or look for a nice place to rest, this is the place for you.

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    • 7 de octubre de 2018

  • Rinaldini

    In the first half of the 19th century, “the Leuth” was still stowed here, an elongated pond that remained from an old arm of the Rhine and was connected to the city moat. The park extends approximately over this area that fell dry during the late 19th century. It leads south into the open landscape with a length of 750 to 800 meters and, with an extension of 150 to 250 meters in an east-west direction, connects the historic rampart with the Moersbachaue.

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    • 6 de junio de 2020

  • Mano

    Nice little park to take a break from the hectic world

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    • 11 de julio de 2020

  • Lothar M.

    Very nice rest area and green area

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    • 25 de julio de 2020

  • Werner

    A nice bike path in the Rheinberger Stadtpark

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    • 3 de junio de 2019

  • Rilo

    Very nice facility, invites you to linger

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    • 15 de octubre de 2020

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Ubicación: Rheinberg, Wesel, Lower Rhine Region, Düsseldorf District, North Rhine-Westphalia, Alemania


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Stadtpark Rheinberg