Unter den Linden

Unter den Linden

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  • JR56

    Unter den Linden is the boulevard of the capital and the stately heart of the former Prussian metropolis: the street is the oldest promenade in the city and extends from the Brandenburg Gate to the Schlossbrücke and Berlin Cathedral.

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    • 11 de abril de 2019

  • Tina Sierpinski

    Beautiful avenue, tourist magnet and often part of larger events such as the Festival of Lights.

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    • 16 de junio de 2018

  • Dorothea (Doradel)🌅🚴🏻‍♀️🏞️🏃🏻‍♀️🏰

    Beautiful, spacious promenade in the heart of Berlin. It overlooks the Brandenburg Gate and passes important historic buildings, including. at the Alexander von Humboldt University.

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    • 31 de mayo de 2019

  • R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour

    Unter den Linden is and always has been a meeting point for strolling as well as friendly gatherings (not only, but especially then) on mild summer evenings.
    You will find cafes and restaurants on both sides and in the cross streets.

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    • 31 de diciembre de 2019

  • Waldfee13

    Once a splendor, today a tourist mile

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    • 12 de septiembre de 2019

  • Bonadea

    From the Brandenburg Gate to Berlin Cathedral - Berlin's most historic boulevard.

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    • 15 de junio de 2018

  • Tom Spandau

    No place for people who love peace.

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    • 25 de junio de 2018

  • Hardi

    A must when in Berlin.

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    • 4 de agosto de 2019

  • Jochen

    Old Berlin proverb: "Unter den Linden is the one-eyed king"

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    • 1 de noviembre de 2019

  • Wandervogel

    Splendid boulevard with history in the middle of Berlin

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    • 8 de enero de 2020

  • Eugen Nickel

    When I was there, there was a lot of construction going on. Wasn't much to see. Probably the construction site is still there, not long ago (in August 2020)

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    • 17 de septiembre de 2020

  • Sopho, Micha & Bella 🐶🐾

    Unter den Linden is a boulevard in the Mitte district of Berlin in the district of the same name, which runs between the Forum Fridericianum and Pariser Platz.
    Established in 1573 under Elector Johann Georg as a bridle path from the City Palace to the Tiergarten, it was fortified in 1647 under Elector Friedrich Wilhelm and planted with linden trees. The 1.5 kilometer long and 60 meter wide road was built in several sections between 1674 and 1737.
    During the German Empire, it developed from a residential street to a commercial street with numerous hotels and restaurants.
    (Source: Wikipedia)

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    • 2 de abril de 2021

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Unter den Linden