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  • Mike

    Romo, as the northernmost island of the North Frisian Islands already belonging to Denmark, Romo impresses with its many kilometers long and about one kilometer wide (depending on Tiedenhub) sandy beach. A wonderful corner for surfers, sandpipers and shell collectors.

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    • 26 de agosto de 2019

  • Lille and Me 🐾👣

    If you go by car on the beach, should note that only certain beach sections are open for driving. In the tourist office or in the boutiques in Lakolk you can get a Rømø card, on which the beach areas for kiters, surfers, beach sailors or cars are drawn.

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    • 26 de septiembre de 2019

  • Mike

    Here you can drive up to the beach. The is so huge that sheets do not disturb the beach feeling. Take camping tables and chairs with you - have a picnic or just take a look at the sea.

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    • 26 de julio de 2018

  • JR56

    You can actually go by car to the Watt to the water and the beach along - but should definitely be careful and not get stuck. The ground is very soft in places and you can not get out without help. Especially when the tide comes, then play dramatic scenes. The "locals" know this but from painful experience and then help. Those affected are always very grateful and happy to show their appreciation. The beach, the dunes and the mud are a real experience and very impressive. An absolute top recommendation.

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    • 22 de diciembre de 2018

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