Die Himmelsleiter

Die Himmelsleiter

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  • Martin Donat

    The Neckarsteig starts directly sporty: Around 1,200 roughly hewn natural stones lead you up the ladder of heaven, which brings you to the Königsstuhl. Up there you have a great view of Heidelberg. But you will not find your peace here often: the Königsstuhl is a popular tourist destination. Incidentally, if you find the climbing too strenuous, you can enjoy the ascent with a "funicular".

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    • 29 de marzo de 2018

  • Sebastian Kowalke

    Just above the Heidelberg Castle, the ladder begins. Over countless steps, which were built of sandstone blocks, it goes up the wooded mountainside up to the king chair.

    Enjoy one or two breathers during this steep ascent.

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    • 11 de octubre de 2018

  • JR56

    Heidelberg - Ladder of Heaven up to the Königsstuhl.
    This tour has it all! In the historic cable car on the Königstuhl is nice, but everyone can. If you're up to something, you can beat the mountain on foot ...

    Especially on sunny days the Königstuhl attracts with a breathtaking view over the Neckar valley and the Rhine plain. SAP Arena, TV Tower, BASF - with a bit of luck, the view even extends to the Palatinate Forest.

    Those who like to keep their fitness healthy leave the mountain railway - and thus the easy route to one of Heidelberg's two local mountains - to the tourists and set off on foot on the way to the summit at an altitude of 567 meters. As? "Simply" up the ladder!

    Sounds easy, but who has already made the 1,200 sandstone steps to the Königstuhl behind once, knows that the ladder Heaven physically demands something from the hiker.

    For the physical effort compensates the magnificent view from the terrace of the bistro Königstuhl. On sunny days, you can even watch paragliders start with luck.

    From 1844, the irregular staircase was built under district forester Adam Laumann. In 1994, it was completely renovated. If you take the stairs from the Kornmarkt to Heidelberg Castle, there are proud 1,600 steps between the old town and Königstuhl!


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    • 16 de julio de 2019

  • Jochen

    Puuhhh .... - exhausting - has it all! Once at the top, the well-deserved shandy tastes particularly good!
    Great view down to Heidelberg and the Rhine plain.

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    • 5 de enero de 2017

  • Martina

    From 1844 the irregular staircase was built under district forester Adam Laumann. In 1994 it was completely renovated. If you take the stairs from the Kornmarkt to Heidelberg Castle, there are an impressive 1,600 steps between the old town and the Königstuhl!

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    • 7 de marzo de 2020

  • iDrops

    The approximately 1200 sandstone steps of the Himmelsleiter are a very ordinary test of personal fitness. Once at the top you will be rewarded with a wonderful view from the Königstuhl. In winter, with snow and ice on the steps, you should not try to climb down the ladder!

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    • 19 de marzo de 2018

  • Wuschel

    Uff. Schnauf. It is long, it has no real steps, the kicks are arbitrary. A great exercise - up the hill, down the mountain. This can sometimes be involved in nice conversations, if you have to take a short break.
    For the trained course a breeze.
    We run it again and again, because we do not understand it to drive course. Everyone can ride a train. So take the legs in your hand and march the beautiful path.

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    • 6 de julio de 2017

  • Wuschel

    In itself, I would describe the Königsstuhl as a matter of taste, because it is fully developed - accessible by car and train. Accordingly, he is overcrowded too. You just go up to visit the fairy tale paradise or the several adjacent adventure trails, which are an absolute highlight for children (and really well done!).

    However, if you just want to enjoy the view, you should be prepared for a number of people. Peace and quiet on the mountain is more likely to think on the more remote paths.
    Since Heidelberg is a really wonderful city, especially with this beautifully preserved old town and the castle, I would definitely recommend a trip to any traveler.

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    • 6 de julio de 2017

  • The Bull Terrier, his Human & Food

    With a bit of fitness to master well and the view from the Königstuhl on Heidelberg later is amazing.

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    • 29 de agosto de 2017

  • 1Fritz-Marianne 🇩🇪 On Tour PWV

    The sky ladder can only be expected of people who are well trained ..., "motorists only" drive here better and higher.

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    • 21 de diciembre de 2017

  • Fussel

    People with knee problems should avoid this challenge. Oh yes, a second T-shirt / towel can be helpful. The climb is worth the effort. ;)

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    • 15 de noviembre de 2018

  • Streifenhörnchen

    The Himmelsleiter comprises more than 1200 steps, an irregular staircase made of roughly hewn uneven sandstones leading from Heidelberg Castle directly to the summit region of the Königstuhl. It starts at the first bend of the Molkenkurweg, climbs steeply to the south on the mountain slope. You overcome 270 meters in altitude with it.

    Including the steps from Kornmarkt to Heidelberg Castle, there are around 1,600 steps between the base and the summit.

    The staircase was built from 1844 under the district forester Adam Laumann. In 1994 it was almost completely renovated.

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    • 1 de agosto de 2019

  • Gauweiler Rolf

    Should one avoid when it is wet, then the descent is not only cumbersome, but also dangerous.

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    • 14 de junio de 2018

  • Frank

    good coordination and condition required

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    • 10 de septiembre de 2018

  • Dirk

    Exhausting ascent / descent to / from Köhnigstuhl. Some stamina and endurance is required.

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    • 25 de febrero de 2019

  • Winne

    To test the Fittnesstandes great. Those who are not sure-footed should avoid ascending or descending the sky ladder.

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    • 22 de marzo de 2019

  • JR on Tour

    The ladder of heaven feels eternal when you climb it up. A good workout for the legs.

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    • 29 de junio de 2019

  • 🌍 Toschi 🐢🐌

    A very interesting climb

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    • 19 de agosto de 2021

  • 🌍 Toschi 🐢🐌

    It's really fun because the steps always have different heights. Mega

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    • 30 de agosto de 2021

  • Melanie

    The ride on the cable car is definitely a highlight, but even this view is definitely worth the way to the Königstuhl.

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    • 16 de enero de 2018

  • phili

    The Himmelsleiter was built from single sandstone blocks and leads from above the Heidelberg castle to the Königstuhl. The ascent is very exhausting and exhausting.

    Equipment: Especially for the descent is sturdy shoes highly recommended.

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    • 20 de julio de 2018

  • Det.Riot

    Steep up to the summit

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    • 4 de enero de 2019

  • Petra

    Great cardio training upwards, but too strenuous for me personally;)
    Once I hiked down the Himmelsleiter down the Neckarsteig, and after a few sections my legs started to tremble despite the use of hiking sticks, despite walking sticks. For me an experience that I have never repeated.

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    • 24 de mayo de 2020

  • Jeannette🐾

    As a starting point for a variety of walks. Beautiful view.

    Traducido porVer original
    • 6 de enero de 2018

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