Prora ehem. Kdf-bad

Prora ehem. Kdf-bad

Lugar favorito para cicloturismo (Tramo)

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  • Joern

    the beautiful on the Baltic Sea is, it is all flat and you can experience many attractions by bike.
    You should have looked at the former Kdf bathroom

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    • 25 de agosto de 2018

  • Sebastian

    The part that is really dilapidated is in the very north.
    Prora is a bit confusing for the first time visitor. Here is a little orientation
    The hostel is the northern start of the building. Shortly behind it comes the Museum Prora Center. In the museum there is information about the history and also guided tours
    This is followed by a section with unused parts of the building and partially used areas.
    This is followed by a first block that is turned into apartments.
    This ends the first building complex.
    You now come in the middle, clearly recognizable by the one realized central wing with the blue semicircular building. Here is the Documentation Center Prora.
    Again, there are exhibitions and guided tours. I personally liked that very much (6 € admission)
    From here it is bizarre, now you come to the "New Prora" dust gives way asphalt, wheels soft Porsche Cayenne and BMW X5. This is crowned by the luxury hotel in the middle of the building.
    Sounds critical? Yes, but it is precisely because of these contrasts a visit that I can recommend. With this orientation, you can choose what you want to see.

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    • 10 de septiembre de 2018

  • Thom-AS

    If you can't describe it, you have to see it. No matter if renovated or decaying ... somehow impressive

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    • 28 de junio de 2020

  • Arne Zobirei

    You can still find some ruins from the beginning of the construction (entry prohibited) - I hope these will be preserved as a warning. Otherwise you can see more and more renovated buildings.

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    • 21 de agosto de 2020

  • Ina

    Anyone who knows Prora from a few years ago will have a look around. It has become chic, and construction continues.

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    • 6 de septiembre de 2020

  • Eyll 1

    A must. Whether you have to build such a block is a matter of opinion. As with many, one likes it, the other it is a thorn in the side

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    • 2 de octubre de 2020

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Ubicación: Binz, Rügen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Alemania


  • Distancia2,02 km
  • Ascenso0 m
  • Descenso30 m

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Prora ehem. Kdf-bad