Kommandørgården und Toftum Skole

Kommandørgården und Toftum Skole

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  • Lille and Me 🐾👣

    The Kommandørgården is one of the old rich heritage farms on Rømø. Since 1600 he has been inherited over 12 generations always within the same family. The farm received its present appearance in 1749 by Margaretha Petersdatter. The name of the farm is reminiscent of the captains of the whaling boats that ran from Rømø. They brought it to wholesome prosperity through whaling or merchant shipping. This is evidenced by the rich equipment of Kommandørgården. Painted ceilings, carvings and carpentry, furnished rooms and the Sønderdørns can be seen here. The Sønderdørns is a large room on southern Jutland and Frisian farms that could be heated. In the barn is the skeleton of a sperm whale, which beached here in 1996 on Rømø.
    Toftum Skole:
    The building was built in 1784 and is considered the oldest and smallest school in Denmark. The school consists of only one classroom, sometimes teaching up to 40 children. In 1784, the inhabitants of the villages Toftum, Juvre and Bolilmark decided to build a school, which could be realized by the prosperity, the whalers brought to Rømø. The teachers came from the villages and were either farmers or captains. For 90 years children were taught here. In 1874, they moved to a larger school.
    Kommandørgården and Toftum Skole are now part of the Danish National Museum and can be visited.
    On the other side of the street and in the street Thadesvej are still several beautiful old thatched cottages, all beautifully preserved and maintained. You are privately owned.

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    • 22 de septiembre de 2018

  • thatsmirkoalright

    The school is always worth a visit and a great photo opportunity. The adjacent museum offers a lot of interesting information about the island. Adjacent there is also a café where you can fortify yourself.

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    • 29 de julio de 2021

  • JR56

    The national museum “Kommandörgaarden”, which is well worth seeing in Rome, is a local museum and is conveniently located in a stately, thatched-roof Kommandörs courtyard. In the barn there is a permanent exhibition about whaling, including whale skeletons.That rich hereditary farm was owned by the same family for 12 generations from 1600. The current building was erected in 1749 and rebuilt and subdivided several times. In the 18th century, the family came to great wealth through seafaring and whaling, which is why agriculture only played a secondary role and, for example, in 1708 there were only a few horses and sheep.Painted ceilings and panels from the 18th century, hundreds of Dutch blue and white tiles and elegantly furnished living rooms bear witness to the prosperity of that time. At the time, the parlor was used for parties and weddings, but as a heated room it was also the largest living room. The stables give an impression of the agricultural understanding.The National Museum Kommandörgarden exerts a special attraction with its fantastic view over the marshland and conveys a kind of personal satisfaction with its visitors.The museum documents the development of Römö in a permanent exhibition and particularly illustrates life on Römö at the height of the command period from 1669-1859. The inhabitants of Römös were in great demand as seamen, helmsmen and captains and hunted the bowhead whale. Those whales grow up to 18 m long. The original inventory has been dramatically reduced from around 50,000. Today the whales are strictly protected, but had lost their economic value anyway due to the substitutes.The skeleton of a sperm whale stranded on Römö on March 27, 1996 can be seen in the barn of the Kommandörgardens. Sperm whales weigh up to 40 tons.
    At the entrance there is a cozy café with delicious lunches and homemade cakes.

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    • 9 de octubre de 2021

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Kommandørgården und Toftum Skole