Der Blick auf Reischdorf früher und heute

Der Blick auf Reischdorf früher und heute

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    In a document of 1367, the place is first mentioned as Reuzentorffer. It was located on an old trade route from Prague via Saaz in the direction of Leipzig, which led over the Preßnitzer pass. Many inhabitants used to be carters who came to southeastern Europe as grain traders. In addition, lace bobbins were operated in the village.
    In 1872 Reischdorf received a station on the route Komotau-Weipert the Buschtěhrad Railway Company (BEB). The project of an extension of the narrow gauge railway Wolkenstein-Jöhstadt from Saxon Jöhstadt on Preßnitz (Přísečnice) to Reischdorf failed later for financial reasons.
    After 1945, the German population of the place was almost completely expelled, a resettlement with Czechs succeeded only partially. Reischdorf received the new Czech name Rusová in 1948. In 1964 Rusová was incorporated into Kryštofovy Hamry. In connection with the construction of the dam Preßnitz Reischdorf was cleared in the early 1970s and demolished until 1974.
    A Baroque column dating from 1715 with the statue of Good Shepherd - added to the State Register of Cultural Monuments on May 3, 1958 - was dismantled and rebuilt in Hora Svatého Šebestián.
    The ruin of the station was demolished as the last remaining building in 2012. Today, the bushy and tree-lined deserted area and a restored war memorial are reminiscent of the village.
    There are several wind farms in the area today. (Source Wikipedia)

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Ubicación: Jöhstadt, Erzgebirgskreis, Saxony, Alemania


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Der Blick auf Reischdorf früher und heute