Hunenbed D21 / D22 Bronneger

Hunenbed D21 / D22 Bronneger

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  • Johanna

    In the village of Bronneger, north of Borger, you will find no less than five dolmens. The Dolmen D21 is the most beautiful dolmen of the five because it is very complete and most archaeological finds have been made. At this dolmen is a huge beech attached, which gives a picturesque picture. The Dolmen D22 is just a stone's throw away and has the same structure as D21, but is in a worse condition. This is the smallest dolmen that still stands in Drenthe.

    If you come from Bronneger, you will take the Steenakkersweg, which turns into a sandy path. If you've passed dolmens D23, D24 and D25, you'll see D21 and D22 on the right side in a separate field with big trees.

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    • 2 de mayo de 2019

  • Lemmi alias Schlumpf

    The megalithic tombs are located on a sandy path southwest of the village Bronneger. D21 was built in 1918 by the archaeologist A.E. excavated by van Giffen.

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    • 22 de julio de 2019

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Ubicación: Drenthe, los Países Bajos


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Hunenbed D21 / D22 Bronneger