Alte Bahntrasse / Nessetal-Radweg

Alte Bahntrasse / Nessetal-Radweg

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    From the railway to the bike path
     The single-track "Nessetalbahn" between Bufleben and Großenbehringen, which branched off from the railway line Gotha-Leinefelde, was put into operation on May 1, 1890 and after the Second World War, in 1947, initially shut down and dismantled as reparations. As near the today's airfield Eisenach-Kindel was a Soviet military training area, one built up the distance to Friedrichswerth and a connection after Kindel to 1954 again.
    After the turn and the withdrawal of the Soviet troops in 1994, first freight, and then in 1995, the passenger was set. In 2007, the tracks were removed.
    In 2011, the first section of the bike path on the railway line between Goldbach and Kindel was completed, the section Goldbach -Warza followed in 2012. In 2014, followed the section Warza - Bufleben, but not on the old railway line. At the end of 2014, the entire cycle path was passable to Erfurt. Source:

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    • 18 de abril de 2019

  • Norbert

    very nice, well-paved bike path

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    • 19 de septiembre de 2020

  • Joachim

    Has become a nice bike path.

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    • 5 de mayo de 2021

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Ubicación: Friedrichswerth, Gotha, Thuringia, Alemania


  • Distancia9,23 km
  • Ascenso140 m
  • Descenso140 m

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Alte Bahntrasse / Nessetal-Radweg