Stuttgart - Glemstaltrail

Stuttgart - Glemstaltrail

Lugar favorito para MTB (Tramo)

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  • Nuding492

    Beautiful trail not too rooted, but relatively "retracted" in the lower part.

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    • 24 de diciembre de 2016

  • Atomikrad

    Downhill to drive well, even with a cross-bike.

    Traducido porVer original
    • 26 de julio de 2015

  • stroh3008

    However, only when it is dry. Otherwise very slippery.

    Traducido porVer original
    • 2 de junio de 2016

  • skomda

    Some passages have it all ..

    Traducido porVer original
    • 30 de julio de 2017

  • Sebastian

    The upper part of the trail was blocked with a tree today. It looked like he had been placed extra. Of course I have removed him. Nevertheless, open your eyes

    Traducido porVer original
    • 29 de septiembre de 2018

  • Andi

    nice trail, unfortunately already very extended and rainy days very muddy and slippery. Exit ends under the A8 bridge, there is still a nice jump opportunity has been built!

    Traducido porVer original
    • 10 de junio de 2018

  • Thors10

    Nice trail, good to drive. In the lower part a little washed out and rough

    Traducido porVer original
    • 17 de abril de 2019

  • Klaus

    Nice flowing trail, a bit muddy depending on the weather. Technically not particularly difficult, but also not for beginners

    Traducido porVer original
    • 8 de abril de 2020

  • _marco

    In the upper, flat section there are some trees across the trail.

    Traducido porVer original
    • 14 de abril de 2020

  • Vjeko

    You would give me a great pleasure, if you betray me to which bridge it is with the pictures?
    Many Thanks.

    Traducido porVer original
    • 6 de noviembre de 2017

  • Atomikrad

    Very nice trail, not too steep. Rooted and still good to drive.

    Traducido porVer original
    • 2 de julio de 2018

  • Ludwig

    Beautiful demanding trail at night was dangerous

    Traducido porVer original
    • 13 de agosto de 2018

  • Frank

    A real challenge in the dark.
    Definitely in the light too.
    It's really fun.

    Traducido porVer original
    • 5 de febrero de 2020

  • Frank

    Was now there in daylight.
    That was a lot of fun.
    Sabine had put a couple of trees in the way ... not so bad ...
    but it was slippery ..... really hard ..🚴‍♀️👍

    Traducido porVer original
    • 13 de febrero de 2020

  • David

    Fine, simple, fast trail

    Traducido porVer original
    • 12 de marzo de 2020

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Ubicación: Leonberg, Böblingen District, Stuttgart District, Baden-Württemberg, Alemania


  • Distancia1,12 km
  • Ascenso20 m
  • Descenso70 m

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Stuttgart - Glemstaltrail