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  • Sebastian Kowalke

    On a rustic Holzbohlensteg it goes through the moor on the Hornisgrinde.

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    • 25 de abril de 2018

  • Ein 🐟 namens Wander

    A relatively short but very nice plank path between the Dreifürstenstein and the Bismarkturm.

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    • 19 de agosto de 2018

  • Van Essa

    When you finally arrive at the top you will be rewarded with a wonderful view and a beautiful high moor landscape.
    For the summer months I would recommend a hat, as there are very few shady spots up there.
    For those who are hungry, there is also an opportunity to stop off there.

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    • 27 de junio de 2019

  • Rainer Moritz

    Exciting also the history of the high moor!

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    • 25 de junio de 2018

  • 1Marianne-Fritz On Tour

    On the board path is the high moor at your feet.

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    • 8 de agosto de 2018

  • Patrick Göser

    Wooden path leading over the grinden. An experience for young and old with information along the way. In good weather Sunday not recommended ... 😉

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    • 15 de julio de 2019

  • Sausewind

    Wooden footbridge over the moor with interesting information boards, observation tower and class views.

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    • 24 de junio de 2018

  • Manu Waldwusel

    A really nice path along the moor. There are also from time to time very informative and beautifully designed information boards. Not just for kids!

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    • 25 de noviembre de 2018

  • Stefan

    Great views and scenic exceptional!

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    • 1 de septiembre de 2019

  • The Walking Dad

    Even in winter, when you don't see much of the moor - the air is clear and the snow crunches. Definitely worth a trip!

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    • 20 de octubre de 2017

  • Ekkehard&Barbara

    Partly beautiful, wide wooden plank path through the moor with wonderful views of the east side of the Black Forest, westwards into the Rhine valley, southwards with good visibility to the Alps. It is particularly worthwhile to climb the observation tower.

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    • 29 de septiembre de 2018

  • Saskimo | Saskia

    Nice path with exciting information along the way!

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    • 26 de febrero de 2020

  • Stefan D

    Rustic wooden footbridge over the Hornisgrinde and the raised bog

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    • 15 de junio de 2020

  • Bernhard

    Wooden plank path through the moor area between Dreifürstenstein and Bismarkturm.
    Also, but not only, exciting and interesting for children.
    In addition, great view and foresight from the observation tower.

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    • 25 de junio de 2021

  • Thomas

    Great way. A great experience in winter and summer.

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    • 2 de enero de 2017

  • Jonathan

    Walking through a moor area on a wooden footbridge is something very special, everyone should try it out.

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    • 20 de octubre de 2018


    Great view

    We were there on a sunny Sunday, definitely not recommended.

    Better go there when not everyone is free. It was so crowded.

    When it is snowing, definitely use sturdy hiking boots and generally best with hiking sticks, here the focus is on the western descent.

    However, the view above the clouds and fog is one of the most beautiful that you can hike.

    Clear tip!

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    • 29 de diciembre de 2019

  • Lisâ

    With a cloudless sky you have a wonderful view in all directions and with inversion weather you can look from above on a sea of clouds.

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    • 5 de mayo de 2019

  • Sinzemer

    Great view of the Rhine plain

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    • 4 de enero de 2021

  • Björn

    A nice walk through the high moor. Here you can find out a lot about the high moor on numerous signs.

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    • 3 de mayo de 2021

  • Björn

    A really great experience of nature. A fabulous high moor. With a great view and 360 ° panorama. Nice to hike.

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    • 3 de mayo de 2021

  • Sascha Wacker

    very nice path over the high moor.

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    • 2 de junio de 2021

  • Kev & Kev

    Very nicely laid out footbridge through the high moor. Unfortunately, there are also tourists who jostle past you instead of waiting in the specially provided recesses.

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    • 8 de junio de 2021

  • Micha (Bike Buddy)

    A beautiful footbridge through the moor with information boards and a great view.

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    • 8 de julio de 2021

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