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  • TomTom😎🚴‍♀️

    Denmark is very close ...

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    • 28 de mayo de 2020

  • TomTom😎🚴‍♀️

    found beach items can be placed in a collection box

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    • 29 de mayo de 2020

  • TomTom😎🚴‍♀️

    after the first lighthouse comes a parking lot, from there straight through the dunes and on the beach you have to walk about 300 meters, there is the sign.

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    • 1 de junio de 2020

  • Nily 🔅

    The beach crossing 11 is the closest to the northernmost point in Germany.

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    • 18 de julio de 2021

  • Klaus

    If you are in cunning you should also go to the elbow. Untouched nature and unbelievable tranquility at the beach at the northernmost tip of Germany. But swimming because of the current life threatening.

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    • 6 de julio de 2017

  • Uwe

    In the evening light, a beautiful, photogenic view of the two lighthouses of Strand

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    • 9 de julio de 2017

  • Janine&Björn

    Wonderful nature. Unfortunately in good weather too much cars on the way.

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    • 4 de septiembre de 2018

  • Peter 😎

    Finding the northernmost point is not that easy. This corner is very isolated. It is an advantage if you go there for two.

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    • 13 de enero de 2020

  • Mecki

    5 km of pure nature, with a view of the Wadden Sea!
    A private road leads to the northernmost point of Germany, always along the sheep. You can get to the West lighthouse quite easily through the dunes. You go up on a beaten path and get a fantastic view of the white, natural beach.
    It will be more difficult to get to the east lighthouse. The shortest route is blocked by a sign saying “Private - No Passage”. So you have to drive through to the parking lot and then walk to the beach. A shame!
    Nice tour. Unfortunately, a lot of car traffic, despite the toll.

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    • 16 de junio de 2020

  • Bettina 🌻

    Great viewpoint, lots to watch, busy ferry traffic, worth a break at the dunes.
    To get here you have to do a little march on the beach. Bikes can be easily parked in the parking lot.

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    • 29 de septiembre de 2020

  • Rene

    Nice destination in the north of Sylt

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    • 4 de agosto de 2018

  • Elke E.

    The northernmost point of Germany is not signposted from the road at the elbow. It is best to find it from the parking lot at the lighthouse west.

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    • 29 de marzo de 2018

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