Leutstettener Moos

Leutstettener Moos

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  • Klaus

    Beautiful route from or to the castle restaurant Leutstetten (beer garden) to or from Starnberg. Very good alternative to the route along the main road.

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    • 5 de agosto de 2017

  • Emanuel

    Magnificent route through the nature reserve!

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    • 2 de enero de 2020

  • Pi Leo

    Hiking trail and bike path in one on the eastern edge of the Leutstetten Moos. Forest path and 2 wide longer north shores to bridge wet meadows. Can be driven through quickly to the "Villa Rustica".

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    • 23 de mayo de 2020

  • 🇨🇭Biker

    Cool boardwalk over the Leutstettener Moor

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    • 13 de agosto de 2020

  • Carsten (📍FFB)

    A little dream in nature.
    The sections are really cool

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    • 5 de agosto de 2018

  • Chris

    Biotope north of Lake Starnberg.

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    • 25 de junio de 2017

  • Stefan

    Very cool bike path. It's really fun to drive there.

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    • 11 de mayo de 2020

  • Michi

    The area and the route are really beautiful indeed. Once it was more of a hiking trail, it has now become the "Munich-Gauting-Starnberg" cycling race track. As a hiker, at the end of the day still with small children, you can get crazy here during rush hour, so it's best to tile along here yourself with your bike and keep the bell ringing, then you'll be fine.

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    • 27 de mayo de 2021

  • Thomas

    Great route over wooden paths

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    • 18 de noviembre de 2020

  • Immer_Weiter_Rauf

    Another underground to drive on :-)

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    • 1 de abril de 2021

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Ubicación: Starnberg Five-Lake-Region, Starnberg, Upper Bavaria, Baviera, Alemania


  • Distancia938 m
  • Ascenso30 m
  • Descenso40 m

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Leutstettener Moos