Passo dello Stelvio

Passo dello Stelvio

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  • Andreas Platzl

    "The Queen of the Pass Roads" and "Europe's Highest Fairground" are just two nicknames that carry the Passo dello Stelvio. The 48-turn driveway has it in itself, since it ends only at an altitude of 2,757 m. Once at the top, the view of the two 3,000, Ortler and Monte Scorluzzo, lets forget all the pain.

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    • 21 de diciembre de 2016

  • Emin

    A must for every cyclist
    The last Saturday in August or the first Saturday in September is the Stelvio for motorized vehicles locked only for cyclists released from Gomagoi

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    • 10 de noviembre de 2017

  • BlauFleckenQueen

    .. we started with the MTBikes from Laatsch on the Stilfser Joch and on the UmbrailPass back - that were 35 kilometers and 1850 meters up (the pure pass route is with 29 km, 48 bends and 1,800 vertical meters specified) with moderate slope 🙂
    The UmbrailPass down was pleasant, as there was very little traffic 🏍🚗
    We were up for three and a half hours - a total of 64 kilometers and 4 3/4 hours of pure driving time.

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    • 7 de septiembre de 2016

  • Pawel

    One of the best climbs I had a pleasure to ride. I suggest starting it early to avoid high traffic. And have in mind that when its raining at the bottom, than its usually snowing at the pass. If you want to go back to Prato than itd perfect to take the road through Switzerland.

    • 4 de septiembre de 2017

  • Arnau Codina (gravel_roads)

    Architectural exhibition in the middle of nature

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    • 6 de mayo de 2019

  • David

    The Stelvio Pass (also Stelvio Pass, Italian Passo dello Stelvio) is at 2757 m s.l.m. the highest mountain pass in Italy and, after the Col de l'Iseran, the second highest paved mountain pass in the Alps. The Stelvio Pass connects Bormio in Valtellina (Lombardy) with Prad in Vinschgau (South Tyrol).

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    • 1 de agosto de 2017

  • David

    The Strada Statale 38 dello Stelvio (SS 38) is an Italian state highway, which was established in 1928 between the SS 36 at Colico and Bolzano. It goes back to the 1923 Strada nazionale 30 and a section of the SN 25. Its length is 224 kilometers. Due to its course over the Stelvio Pass, it was given the name "dello Stelvio".

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    • 1 de agosto de 2017

  • DRCB

    The challenge for every cyclist. And it can be done with a little patience, will and a good seat pad. For the downhill you need good brakes!

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    • 5 de mayo de 2019

  • Carsten1986

    unique pass road. Mandatory program for every cyclist

    Traducido porVer original
    • 10 de julio de 2019

  • Frank W

    The mountain arrival of the mountain coffins. Cima Coppi. World Champion of the World Champions. A dream for the soul, pain belongs on the steep slope

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    • 17 de mayo de 2019

  • Ciclosofista

    Stelvio, Grossglockner and Col Agnel were the three toughest climbs of my cycling life; they made me lose three years of life, but it was worth it!

    • 2 de marzo de 2017

  • RadlerJan

    The pass is a dream. Already driven twice, once with full luggage, once as a "rest day round" from Laatsch. Ascent from Prad with magnificent views.
    The last coffee in the Berghotel Franzenshöhe.
    The view up with the hairpin bends is impressive, but always with the goal in mind.
    Looking down is just as powerful.
    At turn 1, however, it is done straight away.
    Above typical pass hype, a pass jersey must not be missing with me.
    I have no idea how the pass road goes down, I always drove down over the Umbrail pass.
    After all: Cime de la Bonette with full luggage, twice Col de l'Iseran with full luggage, Col Agnel with full luggage, Col du Galibier with full luggage and twice Stelvio. The only thing missing is the Gaviapass.
    More information: and

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    • 23 de febrero de 2020

  • Cristian

    Impressive climb, very hard and tiring, the first section of 9.90Km. with an average gradient of 13.6% with peaks of 18-20% for long stretches ... then a false floor and you go up for 10Km with an average gradient of 12.6%.
    Considering only the climb, I covered 23.7 km in 2 hours and 17 minutes with an average gradient of 11% at an average of 10.40 km / h, while the whole climb of 32.3 km with an average gradient of 8.14% in 2 hours and 43 minutes to the average 11.9Km / h covering 3020 mt. of difference in level! Great company, I'm satisfied!

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    • 5 de octubre de 2020

  • RadlerJan

    This pass road is really awesome.
    There are still impressive hairpin bends when you see the Berghotel Franzenshöhe.
    The view from above is terrific.
    Respect on the descent.
    More information: and

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    • 1 de mayo de 2020

  • Rudi MTB

    Beautiful and challenging climb with 48 hairpin bends.

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    • 26 de octubre de 2020

  • Arnau Codina (gravel_roads)

    Must-see for any cyclist and lover of both wheels

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    • 6 de mayo de 2019

  • AlbertoSordi

    RE STELVIO, the highest and most beautiful step to do by bike!

    Traducido porVer original
    • 19 de febrero de 2020

  • Rod

    The bratwurst burger with sauerkraut is simply the best you can get on the heights!

    Traducido porVer original
    • 16 de julio de 2020

  • Hein Mück

    I think the Stelvio is overrated, it is breathtakingly beautiful but the traffic is extremely annoying (especially motorcycles and sports cars) and it is not particularly difficult to drive.
    My tips:
    1. On BikeDay at the end of August, the Stelvio will be closed to motorized traffic
    2. Mountain roads with tolls such as the Kaunertaler Gletscherstraße are significantly less traffic. The Kaunertaler is also incredibly beautiful and imposing and even a lot more difficult to drive (from the reservoir).

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    • 7 de octubre de 2020

  • Gravel Club

    The Stelvio Pass with its 2,757 meters of altitude, is one of the mythical Alpine passes on which cyclists of all ages fought during the Giro d'Italia.
    The "classic" climb from Prato allo Stelvio with its spectacular hairpin bends in the last 10 km is certainly one of the most evocative that cannot be missed in a cyclist's palmarès.
    The side from Bormio is also very beautiful and with splendid views, where the road to the Umbrail Pass that leads to Santa Maria (in Switzerland), in fact the 3rd side of the Stelvio Pass, also "detaches".

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    • 4 de mayo de 2020

  • Christian

    Very nice stand operator and here you can take a break after driving up the mountain.

    Traducido porVer original
    • 9 de julio de 2020

  • Reichhalter martin

    it is simply beautiful

    Traducido porVer original
    • 2 de julio de 2021

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