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Strand von Lakolk

Lugar favorito para cicloturismo

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  • Stephan

    Beautiful beach and also Lakolk itself has a few nice shops to offer.

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    • 29 de octubre de 2019

  • Cord

    The beach was always an experience for us windsurfers. Especially when we are stuck with our motorhomes. Therefore, sheets of sand, a shovel, a hand brush and an additional jack were mandatory accessories.

    A highlight was always when we lived into the day on the edge of the dunes. Enjoy the sun in the slipstream of the womos. That was nice.

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    • 31 de diciembre de 2018

  • MR

    In summer and when it has not rained for a long time, the beach access can be quite loose and a real obstacle for one car or another. You can get stuck very fast if you stop or drive too slowly through the passage. So give gas;)

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    • 14 de agosto de 2018

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