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Etappe 1: Von Weil der Stadt nach Oberbruch – Auf dem Weg Richtung Sonne

Etappe 1: Von Weil der Stadt nach Oberbruch – Auf dem Weg Richtung Sonne

101 km
15,2 km/h
590 m
860 m
Paseo difícil en bici. Se necesita muy buena forma física. Quizá haya tramos de la Ruta sin asfaltar o difíciles para la bici.


Más información

Incluye un tramo donde está prohibido ir en bici

Tendrás que bajarte de la bici y empujarla.

308 m in total

Resumen de la Ruta

Punto de inicio
14,8 km


Lugar favorito para cicloturismo

17,6 km


Lugar favorito para cicloturismo

54,7 km

Alb und Ettlinger Altstadt

Lugar favorito para cicloturismo

66,2 km


Lugar favorito para cicloturismo

85,2 km

Erländer See

Lugar favorito para cicloturismo

101 km

Campingplatz Adam

Lugar favorito para cicloturismo



Perfil de la Ruta

Tipos de vía

Sendero estrecho: 723 m
Senda: 45,4 km
Vía de acceso: < 100 m
Carril bici: 34,2 km
Calle: 7,35 km
Carretera: 13,2 km
Carretera nacional: 453 m


Pista no pavimentada: 19,3 km
Grava compactada: 7,30 km
Empedrado: 1,61 km
Pista pavimentada: 8,42 km
Asfalto: 63,9 km
Desconocido: 767 m

Predicción del tiempo


Tobias planificó un paseo en bici.

12 de abril de 2021


  • Tobias

    The journey to France begins in Weil der Stadt. The birthplace of the famous astronomer Johannes Kepler is idyllically embedded in the midst of its historic city mountains in the beautiful Heckengäu - in the west the Black Forest, in the east the Alb foreland.Before you get on the saddle, it is worth taking a short excursion to the beautiful old town, which is still surrounded in places by a medieval fortification with defense towers and city wall. It is said that the city was not completely bombed in World War II because the French commander who led the attack was an admirer of Johannes Kepler. With this in mind: Vive la France! Let's go to France!The Würm accompanies you on the first section of today's route. The small river has its origin in Schönbuch and flows into the Enz in Pforzheim. While you follow the river over fields and meadows at the beginning, you turn into the densely wooded part of the Würmtal cycle path at Mühlhausen. In summer the cool forest air is most welcome and there are several fountains along the way for refreshment.After a mostly hectic passage through the golden city of Pforzheim, a small ascent awaits you on the Reihelberg, which will quickly lead you out of the city. The journey continues over a few hills, fields and meadows and through cozy villages on the edge of the northern Black Forest until the Upper Rhine Plain greets you near Ettlingen. You can also take a break here, you deserve it.For my part, I fall for it again and again and think to myself: “Juhuu, finally the hills are over! From now on, you can cycle on comfortable cycle paths in the plains to Switzerland! ”That's true so far, but I'm sure you too will miss the mountains sooner or later. Because driving non-stop on the flat can be a long stretch.Especially on the route from Ettlingen to Hügelsheim. The cycle route planners were really not very creative here and drew their route with a ruler along the main street, which was already dead straight. At Hügelsheim you can also take a short excursion to the Rhine, which provides a bit of variety and a breath of fresh air around your nose. Finally, it is not far and you have reached your destination at the Oberbruch reservoir.Tips for staying overnight: On my previous trips, I have mostly driven the first stage directly to Kehl and stayed with a friend. Until you finally reach Kehl, you have to add another 35 kilometers, which makes the beginning of the journey almost a stage of violence. For this reason I have chosen the campsite at the Baggersee near Oberbruch as an alternative stage destination. Of course, the hundred kilometers on the very first stage are not entirely without either. If you prefer to drive the first stage in two days, you will find overnight accommodation halfway in Ettlingen or, shortly before that, the Albtal campsite south of Waldbronn.

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    • 14 de abril de 2021

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Etappe 1: Von Weil der Stadt nach Oberbruch – Auf dem Weg Richtung Sonne

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