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Carola K.

Passage 3: Canelo Hills West – Arizona Trail

Passage 3: Canelo Hills West – Arizona Trail

25,9 km
3,7 km/h
200 m
580 m
Caminata difícil. Se necesita muy buena forma física. Sendas de fácil acceso. Para todos los niveles.

Resumen de la Ruta

Punto de inicio
1,72 km

Unique AZT gate

Lugar favorito para senderismo

4,16 km

Arizona Trail gate

Lugar favorito para senderismo

5,46 km

Down Under Tank

Lugar favorito para senderismo

7,89 km

Cott Tank Exclosure

Lugar favorito para senderismo

10,6 km

Red Rock Well

Lugar favorito para senderismo

21,3 km

Harshaw Road Trailhead

Lugar favorito para senderismo

25,9 km


Lugar favorito para senderismo



Perfil de la Ruta

Tipos de vía

Sendero: 6,70 km
Senda: 6,89 km
Vereda: 7,62 km
Calle: < 100 m
Carretera: 4,56 km
Carretera nacional: < 100 m


Camino natural: 14,5 km
Pista no pavimentada: 6,70 km
Asfalto: 4,62 km
Desconocido: < 100 m

Predicción del tiempo

Carola K. planificó una caminata.

19 de abril de 2021


  • Carola K.

    Wide, open grassland and a stony path that winds through it. A black shadow appears next to me between the bushes. Whether the cow was more frightened of me or the other way around - probably only she knows. Again and again today I open heavy iron fences that adorn the Arizona Trail symbol. They are not intended as barriers for people, but as portals for the trail. And so that the cows don't run away.The Down Under Tank is an uninviting source of water, but the only one far and wide. Dozens of cow dung lie in and around the small pond. The filter will fix it. As soon as the sun has set and the stars have risen, I listen to the howling of the coyotes in the distance. The desert is beautiful.After the “Close your eyes” water source, the next day there is clear water from two huge tanks that are powered by a windmill and solar. Real treasures! But my mind revolves around cola and pizza. Tonight I will arrive in the first small town along the way: Patagonia. Until then, it's all downhill with a lot of scree and the last few kilometers along a road that is not little traveled seems to me forever. I just breathe in the pizza at Velvet Elvis. Pizza has never tasted better!

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    • 7 de mayo de 2021

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Carola K.

Passage 3: Canelo Hills West – Arizona Trail