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Carola K.

Passage 14: Black Hills – Arizona Trail

Passage 14: Black Hills – Arizona Trail

44,6 km
3,6 km/h
780 m
780 m
Caminata difícil. Se necesita muy buena forma física. Sendas accesibles en su mayoría. Se requiere tener paso firme.


Más información

Incluye un tramo fuera de las vías conocidas

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399 m in total

Resumen de la Ruta

Punto de inicio
7,07 km

Water cache in Tucson Wash

Lugar favorito para senderismo

22,8 km

Spring flowers

Lugar favorito para senderismo

31,0 km

Beehive Well

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39,6 km

View at Antelope Peak

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44,6 km

Supply Box @ N Freeman Road

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Perfil de la Ruta

Tipos de vía

Sendero: 19,7 km
Senda: 5,25 km
Vereda: 19,3 km
Carretera: < 100 m
Fuera de vías conocidas: 399 m


Camino natural: 24,0 km
Pista no pavimentada: 19,7 km
Desconocido: 961 m

Predicción del tiempo

Carola K. planificó una caminata.

19 de abril de 2021


  • Carola K.

    Before I set out on the Mexican border, I used a truck to store water reserves at critical points. So here too. One of my two water canisters, labeled with my name, is half empty when I arrive and there are heart stickers on it outside.“Who steals water and then sticks a heart on the canister?” When I tell the story to LarryBoy, who has now caught up with me again, I promptly reap my trail name: Heart Bandit! We are practically flying through the Black Hills and I enjoy the colorful spring flowers that make the desert shine in purple, yellow and orange. Lupins, golden poppies, and a variety I forgot the name of.At the Beehive Well, a large water tank in which a dead bird and thousands of dead bees swim, we spend the short night together with three other hikers. It goes on at 5 in the morning, because it will be a long, hot day without any shade. And the nearest water source is around 15 kilometers away.

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    • 14 de mayo de 2021

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Passage 14: Black Hills – Arizona Trail