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Carola K.

Passage 17: Alamo Canyon – Arizona Trail

Passage 17: Alamo Canyon – Arizona Trail

18,5 km
3,0 km/h
180 m
570 m
Caminata difícil. Se necesita muy buena forma física. Sendas de fácil acceso. Para todos los niveles.

Resumen de la Ruta

Punto de inicio
481 m


Lugar favorito para senderismo

5,51 km

Perfect scenery

Lugar favorito para senderismo

6,63 km

FR 4 (former Supply Box)

Lugar favorito para senderismo

18,5 km

Picket Post Mountain & Trailhead

Lugar favorito para senderismo



Perfil de la Ruta

Tipos de vía

Sendero: 1,65 km
Vereda: 16,9 km
Calle: < 100 m


Camino natural: 16,9 km
Pista no pavimentada: 1,65 km
Desconocido: < 100 m

Predicción del tiempo

Carola K. planificó una caminata.

21 de abril de 2021


  • Carola K.

    Another super hot day has dawned. Even by Arizona standards, it's actually too hot for the beginning of April. We also hike one of the driest sections of the whole trail today. Around noon we hide under a small bush and have a siesta.We also notice that the temperature becomes more pleasant in the afternoon from the density of rattlesnakes we encounter. A total of seven of them rattle at us indignantly today. When we arrive at Picket Post Mountain in the early evening, Ranger has organized a private shuttle to a Trail Angel in the nearby village of Superior. I actually want to hike further. But when the good M. J. talks about chicken, a shower and washing clothes, I can't resist.When we find LarryBoy on the roadside on the way to M. J.'s house, the three of us suddenly enjoy the best apple pie of our life in the cozy house of M. J. and her husband.

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    • 14 de mayo de 2021

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Passage 17: Alamo Canyon – Arizona Trail