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  1. Axel y Marleen hicieron una caminata.

    Hace 2 días

    18,0 km
    2,3 km/h
    610 m
    610 m
    A LaufKay, Fienchen93 y 15 más les gusta.
    1. Axel

      After a long time we finally went back to Saxon Switzerland today. 🥰
      Our tour took us from Königstein 👑 🪨 to Wehlen. First we went up towards the fortress to walk along the patrol path at the foot of it. In Thürmsdorf we made a detour to the Pehnafall, which really surprised me. I would not have expected such a beautiful waterfall (which is certainly due to the very wet summer). 🤩 Then we went to the Biedermann mausoleum, from which one has a fantastic view of Königstein.
      We finally hiked through the Thürmsdorf castle park to the small bear stone. The ascent to the large Bärenstein was via the Riegelhofstiege. Overall, quite a few hikers came towards us on this tour today. The big Bärenstein is actually not very visited, but there was really a lot going on there too today. But the sheep, which was walking around all alone up there, did not allow itself to be swayed by that.
      The end of our tour took us over the Rauensteingradweg and then down to Wehlen to the S-Bahn.

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      • Hace un día

  2. Axel y Dirk hicieron una Ruta.

    9 de septiembre de 2021

    222 km
    56,8 km/h
    2.180 m
    2.170 m
    A Sahnie, Marten y 12 más les gusta.
    1. Axel

      Nothing beats exercise in the fresh air. 😉 So today we use the fantastic weather again to not be quite as sporty on the road, but still enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the Zittau Mountains and Upper Lusatia. The tour was rounded off with a very tasty meal in Bautzen. 😋
      Some of them would certainly do this tour with a racing bike ... 😉

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      • 9 de septiembre de 2021

  3. Axel y Wanderfuchs81🦊 salieron con la MTB.

    18 de agosto de 2021

    A Marcel Schaller, Peter y 18 más les gusta.
    1. Axel

      After sightseeing 🤩 in Venice and two days at the beach ☀️🌴🍹💦 in mass tourism on the Adriatic, we have now ended up in the (compared to Italy) cold Austria at the Wörthersee. After more than a week of daily temperatures of over 30 degrees, this is a welcome change. 😊
      And what is the best way to explore Lake Wörthersee? 🤔 Of course by mountain bike. 😎 And so today's tour took us around the Wörthersee. Via the promenade from Klagenfurt we went on to Pörtschach and then to Velden, where the absolute highlight is the castle on Lake Wörthersee. Whereby the expensive sports cars parked in front of the hotel stole the show. At least the Ferrari SF90 Stradale (with a base price of over 415,000 € 🤑) was apparently more photographed than the castle. 😂
      After a little refreshment, the driveway to the Pyramidenkogel came, which was quite tough. 🥵
      At the top there were another 441 steps to the observation tower, which were rewarded with a fantastic view. 🤩
      From the tower down it went over Europe's highest closed slide in about 20 seconds. 😀
      This was followed by the descent from the mountain on beautiful flowing trails. 😁
      It went on to Maria Wörth and then finally to the legendary stone GTI in Reifnitz, from where the way back to Klagenfurt was not far.
      All in all, it was a very nice tour, with great weather, which led down by the lake for the most part on paved bike paths and bike lanes. The Pyramidenkogel offered a nice change with its quite steep ascent and the great trails at night below. 😊

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      • 18 de agosto de 2021

  4. Axel y Wanderfuchs81🦊 salieron con la MTB.

    13 de agosto de 2021

    31,1 km
    15,2 km/h
    720 m
    680 m
    A SoFi, Kati y 20 más les gusta.
    1. Axel

      On our last full day at Lake Garda we ended up in the north to drive the very famous but also really beautiful old Ponale road. This road connects Riva with Lake Ledro and was completed in 1851 or by then blasted into the rock. For more than 20 years, this road has been replaced by modern roads and tunnels and since 2004 it has been reconstructed and opened for hikers and cyclists.
      And so this road offers old tunnels, impressive views and of course a beautiful incline to overcome. 😅
      At over 30 degrees, I was more than happy when I finally arrived at Lake Ledro. 🥵 The weather played our cards well today, so that we sometimes had no pure sunshine but also a cloudy sky. ⛅😊
      After a swim stop at Lago di Ledro 💦 and a circumnavigation of the lake, it went to the much more pleasant part, the great descent, which was really a lot of fun. 😁
      Even if the old road is partially paved, it has large stretches of loose gravel, so that it should only be driven on with a mountain bike for the entire route.

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      • 13 de agosto de 2021

  5. Axel y Wanderfuchs81🦊 salieron con la MTB.

    10 de agosto de 2021

    60,9 km
    19,2 km/h
    200 m
    200 m
    A Torsten, Wandersuse y 12 más les gusta.
    1. Axel

      Once mass tourism please ... 🤔 Yes, then book Lake Garda for the high season in August. That's okay! 👍🏻🤣
      Ok, we knew that we would experience the opposite of the tranquility and loneliness in the Ortleralpen, but I did not expect it to be so crowded, especially due to the still existing Covid19 virus. 😳
      And so it makes no sense to move around here by car. We briefly had the thought of renting Vespas, but we still have our mountain bikes with us. We can also use them for sightseeing. 🤩 And so we made our way from Garda to Sirmione today and since Jamaica Beach sounded so inviting, we wanted to go swimming there. 🏊🏻‍♀️
      Our way there should go as long as possible on the promenade and the beach ... and there was no getting through. So many pedestrians and cyclists who had to be followed did not allow any sporting performance. But it was a nice track on which we saw a lot. 😍
      When we finally arrived in Sirmione, we had to find out that this beautiful place is not only forbidden for cars but also for bicycles. So, the MTB's parked in front of the site and then sightseeing on foot. The place is really beautiful and therefore recommended. But hopelessly overcrowded during the high season. Jamaica Beach also turned out to be a disappointment. The amount of people who were allowed to go to the "beach" was regulated, so we had to wait until some came out so that we could go down. But there were so many crowds that we were just able to get hold of a small berth in front of the garbage cans while waiting because others were just packing up. Otherwise the beach is very rocky, which looks really great, but you have to walk forever over the very slippery rocks before you can swim. We therefore only cooled off briefly and quickly made the decision to stop at a stretch of beach with a sunbathing lawn and plenty of shade, where there was hardly anything going on on the way there, which also turned out to be a good decision. The rest of the way back we drove on roads. And since (most) drivers here are very considerate of the huge number of mopeds, motorbikes and also cyclists, you could always meander through traffic jams and roundabouts, which was really fun here, but which should be avoided in Dresden. 😅

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      • 10 de agosto de 2021

  6. Axel y Wanderfuchs81🦊 salieron con la MTB.

    8 de agosto de 2021

    8,48 km
    19,9 km/h
    50 m
    50 m
    A SoFi, BergpiXeline y 13 más les gusta.
    1. Axel

      On the way through on the South Tyrolean Wine Road, we made a short stop at Lake Caldaro. And so it made sense to take a bike ride around the lake, in the pure sun and heat. 😅☀️

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      • 8 de agosto de 2021

  7. Axel y 2 más hicieron una caminata.

    6 de agosto de 2021

    A Wanderfreudige, Marcus 🤴🏻 y 17 más les gusta.
    1. Axel

      It's always amazing how quickly time flies. Today we're back in our hotel in Merano, just like a week ago. The five days passed so quickly, but they were really fantastic, even if the weather this time was a lot of cold, wind, fog and rain, but in the end it rewarded us with the sun. 🌬❄️🌫🌧🌦🌤☀️
      So we woke up on our fifth and last day with a clear sky and rising sun. After we had to endure at least one rain shower every day so far, we had pure sun on our last day. 😎☀️
      A very crisp descent awaited us on the tour. In addition, the streams and rivers are very full, so that we sometimes had problems crossing them on the signposted hiking trail. Sometimes we had to hike through flooded meadows. When we got to the Valle delle Messi, the hardest part was over and the loneliness was definitely over. There were a lot of hiking groups, but also great picnic areas, some with barbecue areas and great playgrounds that we could only wish for in Germany. We then followed larger paths and then mountain bike trails to get to Passo de Tonale, our destination. The mountain bike trails are well signposted and definitely worth a trip of their own. 😎🚵🏼‍♂️
      Amazingly, the last day did not challenge us as we thought. Our goal also had its own flair. Actually, Passo Tonale is not exactly nice to look at as a pure ski resort in summer, but sitting outside in the sun in front of the bar with music was a really great finale! 🍻🏆😁☀️
      Conclusion on the entire tour:
      So far I haven't had the “Stilfser Joch National Park” or “Parco Nazionale Dello Stelvio” or the Ortler Alps on my radar. In any case, it is a beautiful area to hike that I can only recommend. The rifugios exude their own charm and because nobody speaks German here in the Alps and we met almost no Germans on the hike, there is a completely different holiday feeling. 🇮🇹 Even though we were exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions, the total of 87 km ➡️, 3,650 m ⬆️ and 4,480 m ⬇️ were a great tour that I can absolutely recommend!

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      • 7 de agosto de 2021

  8. Axel y 2 más hicieron una caminata.

    5 de agosto de 2021

    A SoFi, Diddi y 18 más les gusta.
    1. Axel

      Today is now the fourth day of our tour and you can tell how the past three days have torn you. These were really strenuous tours that gnawed at us a lot with our 9 to 13 kg luggage and the rough weather conditions, but were still gorgeous. 😅
      Today there is a shorter and easier tour for a change and the weather is on our side for a change. 😎🌤
      We had a great and for a rifugio almost luxurious room. Still, we didn't sleep so well. After all, it finally stopped raining in the morning and so a fantastic panorama opened up to us with the view from the room window, which we could not have guessed the day before. 😊
      Today the path led us over beautiful meadows, many streams, rivers and past great waterfalls. Often the paths themselves were small streams and there was still water on the meadows. The rain of the last few days was still clearly visible.
      The weather plays along well. 🌤 We only had a short rain shower and today we even need sunscreen. 🌦😎
      The view and the panorama that was offered today was simply fantastic. 🤩🏔
      Today we arrived in the last rifugio on this tour in the early afternoon in order to collect strength and energy for tomorrow, our last day

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      • 6 de agosto de 2021

  9. Axel y 2 más hicieron una Ruta de alpinismo.

    4 de agosto de 2021

    A Wandersuse, Kati y 19 más les gusta.
    1. Axel

      After a night in the beautiful mountain hut Rifugio Quinto Alpini, unfortunately not that restful, I heard the rain as soon as I woke up. ☔
      The view from the window showed ... Nothing, just fog. 🌫 Already yesterday you could only see the nearby mountains, but today you couldn't even see them anymore. After a not very nutritious Italian breakfast, we start in our complete rain gear, which we needed all day. 🌧
      First we descended a little to follow the mountain path over scree fields and meadows to the end of the valley. Today the magic number of 3,000 meters should be cracked for the first time for this tour on the Passo Zebrù. 😁 But the ascent was tough again. You could clearly see the last two long and very demanding days in his bones, muscles and joints. The ascent increased, over a place secured with a rope, the weather became increasingly rough with wind, rain and fog. 😰 There were more and more snow fields to cross, some uphill and icy. As with the ascent to the hut the previous afternoon, you had the feeling of being at your limit. 🥵 But then finally the highest point was set up. 😅 But it was so cold and windy that there was only time for a quick photo. Unfortunately no view and no break at the highest point. 🌬🥶
      The descent turned out to be much easier, as there were hardly any sores on the protected side and the rain subsided and even almost stopped. After a short descent, we were able to stop at a hut and fortify ourselves with pasta for lunch.
      The further descent to our today's destination, the Rifugio al Ghiacciaio dei Forni, should only take 1.5 hours, but when it rains again ☔ over softened meadows, small streams and rivers, through a lot of mud and over paths that have become streams themselves are. A day when you really get to appreciate your Gore-tex shoes. 😊
      The Rifugio Forni is no longer a hut, as the name suggests, but a guesthouse in which it is easy to endure. 😊 The rain has gotten much stronger again, but luckily we are now dry. Let's see how much water the two remaining days will bring ... 💦

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      • 4 de agosto de 2021

  10. Axel y 2 más hicieron una Ruta de alpinismo.

    3 de agosto de 2021

    A SoFi, Diddi y 19 más les gusta.
    1. Axel

      How should I describe the second day? 🤔 Just wow! 🤩 We probably had two to three hours of rain this morning, but the seclusion (also from the cellular network), peace and phenomenal impressions offered that by far. When the rain stopped, the clouds and the fog cleared, we stood in a valley with a view of the rugged cliffs, littered with small streams and waterfalls. 😍
      Today's tour was the complete opposite of the already wonderful tour yesterday, apart from the fact that our destination on the first signpost was again the most distant signposted destination with 7 hours. 😳 In contrast to yesterday, it was only uphill and more than 1,700 meters in altitude according to the Locus Map, no idea why Komoot always calculates a bit down. 🤷🏻‍♂️ In any case, it turned out to be very gentle on the knees. 😅 In addition, unlike yesterday, there was an opportunity to stop off today. A small, rustic, cozy hut in which we could strengthen ourselves with a portion of pasta for the difficult climb that was still ahead. When we left and mentioned that we wanted to go to the Rifugio Quinto Alpini, he just pointed to the clouds and said "Aqua .... tempo" 😂 Ok, it was only 5.5 km, but with an ascent of over 850 Altitude difference. The next 2.5 km went well and for the last 3 km there were still 700 vertical meters on the list! 🥵
      In the Alps there are always two types of ascents to huts, either you hike and hike and suddenly, after a curve or a hilltop, it appears. 🏠 Or, as with us, you can already see the hut the entire ascent, for two hours, and don't really feel any closer to it. 😐
      The ascent dragged and dragged, the strength slowly waned and the signpost with 40 minutes for just 700m wasn't exactly motivating either. 🥵 But then the moment came when we finally reached the hut, overjoyed and all the hardships were immediately forgotten. The view is simply fantastic! 🤩
      Interestingly, there was very little going on along the way. However, we passed picnic areas that were laid out so generously that there must definitely be times with a lot of hikers. It was probably the weather. In any case, we were able to enjoy peace and solitude the whole day and many dead tired to bed in the dormitory. 😴

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      • 4 de agosto de 2021

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