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    1. Chris Walk

      So, after yesterday everyone was wondering about a house round with little pictures (😂), today I went shopping with my eyes open again. The following found:- at 10 o'clock in the morning horses have breakfast
      - the herons don't like me and they never let me take nice pictures😭
      - I will never rummage through the compost with my bare hands again (have I ever done that?), because the black rot beetle obviously likes to hang around there, which is non-toxic, but still aggressive and whose defensive secretions irritate the skin ...
      Have a nice week to all of you😻👌😻🤗

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    1. Chris Walk

      After a busy weekend (someone has to do the housework😜) I did a little round of the house this afternoon to get some fresh air ...

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    1. Chris Walk

      I actually wanted to go to the 🇨🇭 for my birthday this year, but the circumstances were so uncertain over the whole year that I didn't. Instead, I used a very nice day off today to visit "little Switzerland" in Anholt😻🇨🇭😻The wildlife park has reopened, it was anything but full - and the highlight, of course, was the three hundred and sixty-seven thousand different views of the original Swiss chalet in the middle of a replica of Lake Lucerne, surrounded by various rock formations with steep walls, gorges and even waterfalls😹😻The Salm Salm family had really good ideas about "their" Switzerland, and if you don't have a photo cloud to save your honeymoon for eternity, then you just build your travel home😻👍. If you can't afford anything else - - - - - - -But not only the chalet should be the goal, because the area of the wildlife park, divided into biotopes, invites you to stroll and stroll, also to stroke. All more or less native animal species kept largely species-appropriate, very nice 😻👍
      Unfortunately I couldn't find a wildcat whose enclosure was too species-appropriate - too many hiding places ... 🤣
      On the way to the wildlife park, a bird of prey flew through the forest ahead of me until it landed on a conifer. I was able to take some very blurry pictures. Anyone who knows the bird can keep it or tell me what kind of bird it is ...From the wildlife park it went along the Issel over the golf course to the moated castle. For a fee you can go to the castle park, but I had already spent too much time with the goats and wild boars ...
      So I walked a little further along Issel to the church of St. Pankratius and the earth wall that houses the town's ice cellar. And then I was back at the car and it only took an hour to get from the 🇨🇭 to home😹😻😹

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    12 de septiembre de 2021

    1. Chris Walk

      It is the day of the open monument, brought about by the Stiftung Deutscher Denkmalschutz e. V. and for years it has been an integral part of my September plan for the exploration of new, but also well-known buildings that are under monument protection.And so today, after my refreshing walk in the forest yesterday, I visited and got to know a site of far-reaching historical importance: the 🔵⚪ Kampfbahn Glückauf of FC Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e. V. - that's the official name, commonly known as the Glückauf-Kampfbahn ... 😻Olivier Kruschinski, born in Ückendorfer, grew up in the neighborhood of Fischer, Libuda and Özil and Schalker with heart and love. He has written a travel guide "Experience Schalke" and is also very active in the Schalker Markt Foundation, which fights for the preservation and redesign of the Glückauf-Kampfbahn sports facility.
      He gave the group, which was astonishingly small, an insight into history (of course, the rest of them have already prepared mentally and physically for the away game in Paderborn 💪🍟🍻).
      I actually still know the arena from Schalke games (amateurs), and even if there is now artificial turf in the stadium, I can still say: I walked on sacred turf, because besides Szepan, Kuzorra, Libuda and Fischer, my father also had few in his youth Years played for the club of my heart - love is just inherited ...
      And because this stadium tour was quite small, I quickly took the opportunity to visit the graves of Szepan, Kuzorra and Heiner Kördell, whom my father had actually known, in the cemetery "Am Rosenhügel" ...For everyone who wants to know more about Oli Kruschinski's job:weser-kurier.de/ratgeber/auf-den-spuren-der-heiligtuemer-von-schalke-doc7esa1h63ecl1ckqnnf6uThis is how a weekend of short hikes goes by, and from next week you will start hiking again😜 ...

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      • 12 de septiembre de 2021

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    11 de septiembre de 2021

    A Söhni 🏃, Bettina S. y 43 más les gusta.
    1. Chris Walk

      Today I took part in a forest adventure walk of the VHS Dorsten, which took place in cooperation with the Biological Station Lembeck under the leadership of the director, Mr. Tenger. Small but nice, very child-friendly, you learned a lot about the Hohe Mark Steig, the forestation of our forests, different conifers and deciduous trees, why forest ants are so important for our forests and how long the stag beetles live after they are 7- have spent a long time in the ground ... 😻Our small group started at the biological station, then followed a little bit along the path before we started a narrow trail and a bridle path back to the station. A treat at the end: we were allowed to drink the wonderful apple juice from the orchards (and take it with us at a reasonable price) and also take a look at the exhibition, which is currently closed due to corona😻
      The station is proud of the TV report "Lecker am Bord", for which the star chef Frank Buchholz picked up ingredients in the cottage garden and met the passionate hobby gardener Jan, who works as a volunteer.
      Anyone who is interested in such a tour will certainly be lucky again in the next six months, I think the VHS will continue the format👍😻

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      • 11 de septiembre de 2021

  6. Chris Walk hizo una caminata.

    8 de septiembre de 2021

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    1. Chris Walk

      Before anyone asks: Wölfi🐺 didn't wake up this morning, wanted to stay at home ...So alone today where I like to be best: in the forest🌲🌳🌲. More precisely: to the Hohe Mark, from Annaberg around the Holtwicker Brei.
      After the extensive flat weekend in North Friesland, it was the complete contrast today: the 260 m altitude already indicates that it went up and down today, except for a few meters always nice on the forest floor. It was important to me to visit the Annaberg Chapel, which I had planned for a long time, and to collect a few geocaches that were lying, standing or floating there on the way. Except for the last 5 km from Holtwicker Wacholderheide, it was mainly new trails for me, some were no longer recognizable as such, so I also had a bit of a wilderness trail feeling.
      In between I was amazed at a strange squeak, sounded like a strangled child or a suffocating cat or a misplaced violin or everything together. Then a young woman passed my temporary resting place - and I was shocked: she had headphones in her ear, did not perceive anything of her surroundings - and made horrible noises that were anything but singing ... Sure, all the birds here 🐥 silent were ... 🤣
      Thank goodness the moment passed quickly.
      Thanks to the beautiful weather, this long hike was still possible in the middle of the week and I almost felt like I was on vacation. Wölfi definitely missed something!

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      • 8 de septiembre de 2021

  7. Chris Walk y MitWandern 2021 hicieron una caminata.

    4 de septiembre de 2021

    A Nilsilaus, Frank Meyer y 138 más les gusta.
    1. Chris Walk

      Don't shut me down!
      Aber Close up die Staffelwanderung quer durch Deutschland im Jahre 2021!!!
      Es war mir eine Ehre, im Sinne der Corona-Stillstand-Zeiten Teil dieser virtuellen Staffelwanderung zu sein, Erfolgsgeschichte mitgeschrieben zu haben für die größte unbezahlte Werbung, die unsere Heimat ins Land hinausgerufen hat! Denn alle 159 Etappen hatten ihren Reiz, ihr Abenteuer, ihre Höhepunkte, und ich kann nur einmal mehr den Organisatoren Andreas, Christoph, Frank, Jens, Joachim, Thomas und Jan danken für den Riesenaufwand, den sie im Vorfeld (und auch in der Collection-Bearbeitung) hatten🙏.Ich wiederum hatte heute die Ehre, die allerletzte noch offene Etappe zu laufen, und diese Ehre - das muss ich gestehen - und das gute Zureden von Frank hinsichtlich meiner gestrigen Etappe haben mich davon abgehalten, zwischendrin abzubrechen und zu rufen: "Sch... drauf!"😣Nein, aufgeben ist keine Option, nicht im Alltagsleben, nicht bei einer Staffel. Wir sind alle ein großes Team, und nichts und niemand konnte uns davon abhalten, von Anfang bis zum Ende zu laufen!👍Was ist schon der Bahnstreik? Wir haben doch Füße!!!
      Okay, so einfach ist es nicht, aber Tatsache ist, dass man viele Wege ohne ÖPNV oder Auto machen kann, man muss nur wollen...
      Und ich wollte heute allen Müdigkeiten im Körper zum Trotz wandern! Bin also in Niebüll los, nachdem ich mein Auto heute günstiger als gestern in Bahnhofsnähe parken konnte. Jan wird es mir verzeihen, dass ich die Tour also nicht direkt unter der Bahnhofsuhr startete, sondern schon am Parkplatz. Ich lief erstmal eine Weile an der Bahnlinie entlang, staunte darüber, wie lang der Syltshuttle wirklich ist, und freute mich einige hundert Meter über endlich wieder 🌳Waldboden🌳. Davon hatte ich gestern echt nicht viel gehabt. Und weil ich ahnte, dass noch genug Asphalt kommen würde, habe ich den weichen Boden entlang eines Feldes gleich noch mitgenommen, anstatt auf die Straße zu wechseln. So kam ich dann nach Läiged - nie gehört, aber lebenswert!!! Nicht nur die Holsteiner Pferde leben hier, auch glückliche Kühe, Hunde, Katzen - und wahrscheinlich auch Menschen...In Risum an der Feuerwehr fand ich dann endlich eine Bank, auf der ich mein Frühstück🍅🍌🍐🥪 verzehren konnte. Meine Pensionswirtin hat es sehr gut mit mir gemeint und ein Lunchpaket für gefühlt drei Leute in eine große Dose gepackt - die im Laufe der Wanderung leider zu schwer im Rucksack lag. Meine Schultern sind ganz schön down...
      Das Frühstück aber war lecker, fand übrigens auch Wölfi, der schon neidisch auf die Kühe gestarrt hatte...
      Durch den Naturerlebnisraum "Wätj Lönj" (es hätte statt moorisch-friesisch "Nasses Land" auch "weites Land" heißen können, den Eindruck machte mir die Marsch), in dem die Natur nicht nur schöne Erholung erfährt, sondern leider auch wieder den Fuchsbandwurm, ging es irgendwie Richtung Langhorn. Und auch wenn die Bilder Idylle ausstrahlen: hier fing das Martyrium an. Zunächst 2,5 km schmale Landstraße, die als Rennstrecke benutzt wird, weil keiner mit Wanderern rechnet, und etwas später, nach Langhorn hin, 3,9 km geradeaus ohne Schatten, bei gefühlten 39°C. On the road again, hatten wir das nicht auch gestern schon mal?
      Die Mühle sehenswert, aber verschlossen. Dafür die Heide, zunächst der Teil Langhorn, und direkt im Anschluss die Bordelumer Heide, ein Traum! Nicht nur für Eichhörnchen, sondern zum Laufen, Gucken, Genießen!!! Leider war das mit dem Genießen jetzt nicht der Hit, denn bei meiner zweiten Vesperpause (sooo viel hatte sie eingepackt!!) stellte ich fest, dass mein Wasser arg zur Neige ging. Ich hoffte auf Nachschub irgendwo, denn in der Heide war es sehr trocken! Leider gab es auch keinen am Stollberg, wo der Funkturm mit Aussichtsplattform in 25m Höhe steht.
      Ich habe mich getraut, getreu dem Motto "Aufgeben ist keine Option" und "über die Grenzen gehen". Dabei war hier keine Menschenseele, nur ein paar Jungrinder schauten mich neugierig an - wie eigentlich überall, die kennen wohl keine Wanderer.Die Aussicht belohnte mich zwar, aber ich bin halt ein Angsthase🥺 und hab mich nicht ans Geländer getraut. Immerhin war die Treppe nicht so durchsichtig wie an anderen Aussichtstürmen...Vom Stollberg war es nicht mehr weit bis Bredstedt, wo ich eine Tanke zum Tanken fand - meine Wasservorräte wieder auffrischen!!!!
      Nach diesem frischen Schluck hatte ich auch wieder Lust, mir die Innenstadt von Bredstedt anzusehen. Ein süßes Städtchen mit Pflastersteincharme, aber sehr bemüht, sich bunt und modern zu geben
      Und wenn ein Engel reist, hat er Glück: zum Thema Bahnstreik - ich kam um 17.40 h am Bahnhof an, und bereits um 18.01 h fuhr mein Zug nach Niebüll. Schön leer, im Gegensatz zum Syltshuttle...Und ich weiß, dass ABBA nicht jedem gefällt, aber ich bin mit der Popgruppe aufgewachsen, und es kann kein Zufall sein, dass sie ausgerechnet in dieser Woche zwei neue Lieder für ihr Reunion-Album veröffentlicht haben. Ich schenke euch den im Titel genannten Titel, denn der passt auch auf diese letzte Etappe!!!Vielen Dank an alle, die mich für diese letzte Etappe unterstützt haben, der Gedanke an euch hat mich stark gemacht🙏👍.
      Der Staffelstab geht zurück an Jan (der für die Frieslandetappen mitgezeichnet hat) und Frank, diesen großartigen Mitorganisator.
      See you next time next event🤗🥰🤗

      • 4 de septiembre de 2021

  8. Chris Walk y MitWandern 2021 hicieron una caminata.

    3 de septiembre de 2021

    1. Chris Walk

      GOOD MORNING!Or: is the train gone yet?Or: wasn't there even a relay hike through all of Germany?All three, one after the other!
      Moin was the nice greeting from my hosts outside of Niebüll, who actually had very different things on their minds early in the morning than checking in guests, namely taking care of their daughter's wedding, and yet they were super friendly and full of ideas.
      So I was able to freshen up in the room and pack up my things in peace and then off I went to the train station.Train station? Only understand train station! Nothing goes there! A few train drivers want more money (they should), but will they have to go on strike this weekend of all times? Couldn't you report that to me ???
      No, it didn't work, they didn't have my number. So we checked briefly which trains might be going in which direction WHEN - and then rescheduled: we are now going to Klanxbüll, in the opposite direction. We'll get away from there somehow (!) ...
      Hope was followed by action. I crossed through in a good mood, because the sun was showing, the town of Niebüll. Covered me with a packed lunch at the Medelbyer country bakery and hoped for culture and the sea. Visiting the museums is not possible, however, as everything is only open from 2 p.m. Strange time. Otherwise do the guests sleep longer ??? After all: one of the many beautiful, storm-tested brick churches in Frisia was open and wanted to be visited. I did her a favor ...Via Deezbüll we went into the prairie - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Admittedly: I knew what I was getting myself into: asphalt, wasteland, vast land, more sheep than people!
      But experiencing that in reality was a test of patience for hikers. In the meantime I imagined I was walking towards the Rocky Mountains on endless roads, and suddenly a song came to my mind:
      "Always look at the bright side of life"
      Yes that was it! There are always people who are worse off, days when it rains, moments when you don't venture out of the house - so I'm fine, I'm on my way to the sea - every year ...And the same game every year: when I'm at the sea, the sea is gone! I think I'll never go to the North Sea again, only to the Baltic Sea, or straight to the Caribbean, like that!I arrived at the bathing jetty in Südwesthörn when the tide was still full of low tide, but the tide was already slowly rising, and Wölfi, my new hiking mascot, wanted to stay until the sea finally came. But I told him we'd have to be back in Klanxbüll before dark, preferably back to the boarding house. He was very sad then, he would have loved to have gone swimming. Instead he annoyed the dyke sheep a bit, who could only bleat stupidly ...On the way to Klanxbüll I actually wanted to skip the planned church in Althorsbüll, had enough of churches. But a nice woman with a galgo girl came across the street from the side, we talked while Sara greeted me, and since she lives in Althorsbüll, we walked there together. She showed me the sexton's house (belongs to her and is rented out by her, very nicely furnished on the inside, the "Freesenhuus Althorsbüll"), the old pastorate, the old school, and she told me how it got stranded in Althorsbüll and how the people are so on there. It was already very interesting, and I didn't regret having walked the path with her after all.This encounter kept me going for the last 4 km. Because until Klanxbüll Bf. - - - - - - nothing more happened !!! Endless asphalt roads with no hard shoulder, the place-name sign didn't seem to come any closer. And when I finally got there, I realized that I had two hours until the next scheduled departure of any train to Niebüll.
      Btw: the car shuttles to Sylt drove at regular intervals - sometimes with only 3 cars on the huge double-decker ...
      I bit into the sour apple, went to the station kiosk, asked the owner where I could get a taxi (because the bus only takes us over Süderlügum for hours ...), then he called his friend back in his room to ask if he was going to take me could drive. Because he has a taxi. Had to hurry because of the call taxi (instead of the bus), but he was able to take me to Niebüll.So today I had a very windy, dry, beautiful, sealess, happy day, for which I thank Jan and the crew from the bottom of my heart !!!!Second stage - God willing - tomorrow ...And here is the collection of the relay hike:komoot.de/collection/1243055/-mitwandern-2021-an-3-tagen-gemeinsam-durch-deutschland

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      • 3 de septiembre de 2021

    1. Chris Walk

      Once upon a time there was a relay hike ...
      This has already led to stays outside the comfort zone of home for several days
      So this weekend too. It goes to the far north, to North Frisia. And since I'm staying with a friend in Hamburg today, there was enough time to hop on a detour to Hanstedt. Because there was still my challenge: the 4th treetop path within a year😜 ...
      This heather sky is very easy to walk on, you do not climb a staircase right at the beginning, but are led slightly uphill 200 m over the wildlife park until you reach the 40 m high tower, whose viewing platform I climbed today😊👍
      There was nothing to be seen of Heide, however. This may have been due to the cloud cover or the fact that the tower is on the northern edge of the Lüneburg Heath and the forest around it dominates.
      After visiting the wildlife park (very nicely done with a lot of space and quiet for the animals, but still a lot of contact with the visitors) and Heidehimmel, I went to the Toppenstedter Wald to cache. It was pretty unspectacular, only wider forest roads, but I had the feeling the whole time that wolves or wild boars were being watched. I hardly ever heard a bird, let alone seen people ...
      Tomorrow we will go on the first of the last two stages, with the new mascot Wölfi and have fun. Good night to you😻😴

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      • 2 de septiembre de 2021

  9. Chris Walk hizo una caminata.

    27 de agosto de 2021

    8,34 km
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    40 m
    50 m
    A Irmgard macht Meter, Markus y 53 más les gusta.
    1. Chris Walk

      Haven't been shopping for a while - - -
      so, on foot😁
      Therefore, today a little gruesome interplay on the way with sun and rain. The animals didn't mind😻

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      • 27 de agosto de 2021

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